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Posted by Skellingtonfan, on 2005-08-12 12:09:25

green screen technology

I have no idea how to use a green screen and the software that I need to use it,or even where to buy one, if anyone has any info please get back to me. -Skellingtonfan

Posted by slothpaladin, on 2005-08-13 16:17:09

I have not used it but I think it is cheeper then AfterEffects, I have there other program Effects Labs which I really like. FX home says this about there program " Chromanator is an all-inclusive, standalone application for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X that is designed to work with all your favourite video media and editing applications (including Apple's iMovie, Adobe Premiere and many more)."

Posted by junkieinc, on 2005-08-21 13:19:11

Hi Adobe After Effects will do the job as well but it has a pretty steep learning curve to it. Gary

Posted by 5_something, on 2005-08-27 17:16:18

hi, where to buy: film supply sites sell rip off green screen paint (~ 50$ a gallon) and also green screen fabric (~130$ for 4x 15 ft ...i think?) those are ridiculous though...way to much $. you can just buy green fabric at a fabric store, green poster boards at an art supply store, or even get home depot get them to make you a gallon of the paint--all less than 20$ options. if you arent sure what shade to get try to get a brighter semi-neony green. Do a google image search for green screen and you'll get the general gist of what shade it should be. software- adobe after effects (~ 400$ for standard version and 700$ for pro version ..i think). AE has a decent compositor in it. The big bonus for AE is that you can buy 3rd party plug-in green screen keyers which work really well. for DV video i suggest dvmatte pro (200$) over at this keyer is THE keyer for dv. does an incredible job; super easy to use (come swith a bunch of tutorials) and for price vs what your getting...its a steal. there is also a dvmatte for FCP and FCP express. this is sorta pricey though.... if you use adobe premiere pro, vegas video, or FCP they all come with keyers. -The software mentioned above will also work and will burn less of a hole in your wallet :-) use - light the green screen as evenly as possible. This is the biggets importantest most crucial thing to do. If your screen is lit evenly, keying it out in the comp will be easy and will come out cleanly. If you can, try to place the screen a few feet back from the set (up to 8ft is recommended?). if the screen is too close to the set light will reflect on the screen and might add a green-ish tint to various stuff in your set; a bad thing since the keyer will key out parts of your set. But if you cant put some distance between your set and the screen try to get rid of any spill from the screen.

Posted by Strider, on 2005-08-21 16:12:45

I can Animate has a compositing feature (cost is $50), so does Stop Motion Maker, and you can get Stupendous Software plugins for iMovie if you have a Mac. All much cheaper than any Adobe product! :P

Posted by stopmoanimatior, on 2005-08-31 12:33:40

For my bluescreen I got this cheap table cloth you use at parties I think it was at Party Stop or something like that. It works great very inexpensive, All you need is four beams of wood, c-clamps, a staple gun and standard tools. If you need a tutorial check out the jushhome website. They gave a pretty well detailed tutorial going through the whole process, he even gives the name of the software!;) I wish I could remember then I would be using it right now instead of asking everybody on the forum what they use! :o stopmoanimatior:*