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Posted by motion_station, on 2005-08-01 13:42:13

Im looking to create a City...

Hi, im new Im using the scale Of 1:18 to give the effect of a giant monster to a small city. My puppet is going to be about 11cm high. I dont have much stuff to make it from, and i feel comfortable with using this for now. Ive made Stop Motion animations before, Ive made quite a few and just recently ive been able to use the blue screen method and and getting people to talk properly. But with my Older animations, Things have been out of scale.. A whole lot. :o Anyway i want to create a busy city scene. But i have no idea on how to start. In my past, Ive used cut outs from magazines and For my early stages I drew them! But i want this to look real Nice, I need to make a road, With buildings and Bus stops, cafes and Trees and Stuff. Im not sure what my boundaries are, I can get more space. I can use my floor as it is wooden. I have experience with animating and for now use pipe cleaners, aluminium foil for a skeleton. Using Blu Tac for Skin. Im going to try and buy some plasticine or Clay but my main objective is the city. This scene is going to be the home of maybe a Funny creation using my pet bird. I could hide food among the set and get her to pick it up. And replace it with People. :7

Posted by Nick H, on 2005-08-02 00:07:49

1:18 should look good. I had to settle for 1:24 for my wide shot set, because model cars are cheaper in 1:24. If you are going to animate your moster on this set, don't build it on the floor. I use a 12mm (1/2") particle board sheet on top if a folding timber frame that raises it to a little above 3 feet. If you have to bend too low, after a couple of hundred frames you will feel the pain. I usually paint the road surface directly on the particle board, but I make the sidewalk out of mdf with the edges sanded to make nice kerbs. (See atached jpeg image, if it works.) Sometimes I make the road surface from 6mm mdf too, sanded down on the sides so it slopes down to the gutter. Computer printers make it easy to scale down roadsigns and print them at the right size for your scale. If it's an accurate, true to scale set, measure a few things like the height of doors, windows, road signs etc, and individual bricks or weatherboards, and work out how big they should be. Some surfaces like brick walls are worth making up from little rectangles of card stuck on a backing board, and then taking a mould, so you can cast lots of sheets of brickwork to put on your buildings. Corrugated iron can be done with corugated card, it comes in several sizes, one is pretty right for 1:18. Buildings can be made from mdf, or if you only have a knife to cut with, stick to card and foamcore. I just read your post again, and you want a GIANT monster. How giant?If the puppet is 11 cm high it will be bigger than a human, but not that giant. A 180 cm (5 ft 11 inches) tall man, divided by 18, would be 10 cm tall in your set. So your 11 cm monster would be 198 cm in real life, or about 6 ft 6 inches, just right for pro basketball! In 1:24 scale, your 11 cm puppet would be 264 cm (8 ft 8"), which means he's bigger than human sized, but not Godzilla sized, or even King Kong. Just decide how tall the monster would be in the real world, then pick a scale like 1:18 and divide the full size monster by 18. That's how big the puppet needs to be for that scale of set. Or, do it the other way around. How big do you want to make the puppet? Multiply that height by 18 and see what you get. You can either change the puppet size, or the scale you make the set. You can get cars in 1:24 like I use, or smaller, in 1:43. Or you can go even smaller, to the model railway scales, and buy lots of ready-made materials and buildings.

Posted by motion_station, on 2005-08-02 04:30:11

Thanks, I thought the 1;18 scale wasnt going to be too big, But i was wrong. I think then i will go for a 1:24 scale. Seeing as though my bird is only about 13cm high. So if it looks too small, I may have to use a camera trick to make it look even bigger. Thanks Nick, Ive been browsing these fourms and your always there to help. Truely a Great person. You lot are so lucky to live in the US, You can all get together and make a movie, Im about 100000000 miles away in the UK. :(

Posted by stopmoanimatior, on 2005-08-31 20:18:20

I just checked out your attatchment Strider, absouteley phonomenol! Brilliant! I may just build parts of a miniature city for my monster on rampage film along with some back projection. You have been an inspiration. But I do have one question. As far as costs? ;( Is it a lot or more affordable then I think it is? :-( stopmoanimatior:*

Posted by Nick H, on 2005-08-02 20:02:21

You are a lot closer to the US than I am - I'm in Australia!

Posted by Strider, on 2005-08-02 20:13:58

Oh yeah... as if us American animators all get together for meetings at somebody's house every weekend! :P NOT!! The UK is much smaller than the US... and trust me... there are quite a few UK members on this board, though I think like *most* members, they generally just lurk, or visit only occasionally. But don't despair bucko.... you're in the country where Corpse Bride AND Curse of the Were-Rabbit are being made, and home of Barry Purves, Nick Park, and Ray Harryhausen! :7

Posted by motion_station, on 2005-08-03 03:23:17

Whooo! I went to his house yesterday,Tim burton, i Accidently knocked the dogs arm of while he was animating so now it has to look like a part of the film. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR THE DISSAPEARING ARMS!!! :7

Posted by Strider, on 2005-08-03 14:33:02

Wow.... that's amazing! :o Well, I mean, yeah... it's also pretty amazing to learn that Tim Burton is an animator, and apparently has a project going at his house... hard to believe since he's a busy director and all. And why he let you onto a hot set is beyond me. Also pretty incredible that the arm couldn't be replaced without causing a flicker. But geez... who cares about all that stuff... we learned something really amazing today! Dogs have arms!!! }(

Posted by GStacy, on 2005-08-03 19:24:43

motion_station was kidding. I think.

Posted by motion_station, on 2005-08-04 07:10:20

Yeah, i was kidding.

Posted by Strider, on 2005-08-04 15:37:05

So was I ;)

Posted by GStacy, on 2005-08-05 05:26:12

I see. It seems my sarcasm receptors were malfunctioning.

Posted by stopmoanimatior, on 2005-08-31 20:10:24

You could first shoot live action of people running frantically. Make sure you shoot it from far away (to make it easier on yourself and to keep porpotion. Then you can shoot your miniature scene of the creature attacking the small city then later through the help of your bluescreen and computer software, just matte the people in the foreground (rather than using cutouts). It is a baswic idea but I am sure it will work. ;) stopmoanimatior