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Posted by shmiminashie, on 2005-02-08 16:56:10

A quick fix anyone?

hey, I am currently shooting my M.A. film, but I need to also produce a really short sequence in the middle of my schedule, for another film.(really simple puppets and basic set.) Does anyone have any ideas for low cost quick design soloutions to the following brief? A monochromatic night-time landscape, no stars, but a full moon...? I know how I would do it if I had time and money, but I am currently skint, and this thing will be on my table for two or three days...the puppets are made, and are stylised, but fairly realistic...the story is almost non existant, but faintly surreal and ghostly. I want the set to give the impression of space, and night time....but I dont want it to detract from the characters, and they don't have to travel through it....any thoughts? Murf.

Posted by bradisdrab, on 2005-02-09 07:29:33

this idea depends on just how art house you want to be... ever see a production of "waiting for godot"? all you really need is 1. a moon( a foam disk, shaped,covered in spackle, and lit) 2. a tree or something for the foreground( this could be made from painted bound twigs or whatever) cloth( the stage curtain) 4.atmosphere- if you want to get even more surreal you could experiment with dry ice...dosn't work normally for animation, but still can yeild interesting effects. you've got to set up walls to keep it in the set though... brad isdrab

Posted by shmiminashie, on 2005-02-09 14:56:42

Yes....thats the sort of feel I am going for...very minimal but not naff.....when you say foam, do you mean a polystyrene sheet, like neoprene? I did try a disk cut from the set, and covered with handmade paper, lit from behind, but it just didnt work, it looked too contrived. I like the idea of a tree also....thanks for the suggestions, I will post a picture when its done, Murf

Posted by Nick H, on 2005-02-09 17:58:04

I did a moon as a flat cutout made from thin white card, and painted. Then I aimed a 6 volt 30 watt Pinspot at it, so only the moon was lit. Mine was in a painted sky, so I let the circle of light be slightly larger than the moon, with a soft edge, to create a glow around it. But you could just put it on black cloth, and keep the edge of the light tight on it. (A pinspot throws a tight narrow beam. It's often used in discos, aimed at a mirror ball. It should cost uder $30.) I like the idea of a jagged bare tree too, to give some sense of depth in the composition.

Posted by shmiminashie, on 2005-02-16 07:24:30

Hi, The card disk and spot was really effective. I have a semi pro spot which can hold gobos and effects filters, so I chopped up a bit of spun and some blue gel, set in an open gobo thing that came with the light, and I now have a moon with a three-d shadow thing going on, and some crater type texture and bit is if you are disciplined with your light, you can animate the thing through the sky....and touch up the horizon with white paint when it starts to set.....sooo very lovely, cheers mate.