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Posted by teabgs, on 2003-10-17 19:47:53

how long does plaster take to dry?

As I was told to do here, I am using plaster on my set. I have never used plaster before though, and I was told at the store that it "doesn't take too long to dry". I've been waiting for the first batch to dry for 3 1/2 hours now...I wanted to get a feel for it so I stopped to see just how long it DOES take. Anyway I think it's pushing into a long time...should it be taking this long? I turned on an inkie a few minutes ago to shine on it in the hopes that it speeds up the drying that a bad idea? thanks

Posted by teabgs, on 2003-10-18 13:26:43

21 hours later......still not dry. please....someone tell me if it's my fault or not. I don't want to continue until I know if this is normal. thanks

Posted by StopmoGR, on 2003-10-18 18:18:45

You must have used too much water. Mix your plaster so it is like oatmeal. I usually pour about a cup of water in the bowl and put enough plaster, although I use die stone, until it is like a mountain peak sticking out of the water. I've been doing this for so many years it's just second nature. Maybe in 15 or 20 minutes it will be somewhat hard and in an hour it will be rock hard. Did it ever heat up?

Posted by teabgs, on 2003-10-18 20:02:31

>You must have used too much water. Mix your plaster so it is >like oatmeal. I usually pour about a cup of water in the >bowl and put enough plaster, although I use die stone, until >it is like a mountain peak sticking out of the water. I've >been doing this for so many years it's just second nature. >Maybe in 15 or 20 minutes it will be somewhat hard and in an >hour it will be rock hard. Did it ever heat up? See what happens when you've never used plaster before ? no, it didn't heat up. SHould I just rip it all off and start over? huh....pour until it is above the water line.....that would have been nice to know. *sigh* Thank you SO SO SO VERY much for replying. It's been over a day now and it isn't dry, I was starting to get really worried that I'd never finish my set. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Posted by StopmoGR, on 2003-10-18 21:36:34

>huh....pour until it is above the water line.....that would >have been nice to know. *sigh* Make sure it is a mound that is about 3 inches high above the water line. And yes you need to start over. Just think oatmeal. How's your Maya class going. I've been in it since July. Very deep program. My Shake teacher said Maya is the 3D program to learn.

Posted by teabgs, on 2003-10-19 08:43:16

Thanks so much for the help. 3 it. It took a while to get it all off last night, but I did it. The oatmeal thing helped a lot. I accidently tipped the cup too far and had WAY too much powder and it turned to stone before I could do and learn. I think I should be in good shape with it now. Maya is going great. I'm actually retaking a class that I already took because it's a new teacher. He worked on LOTR, so I decided I could learn a thing or 100 from him. And I have....I wwish there was an advanced rigging class at my school as well, but I'l take what I can. I've been using Maya for almost 2 years now so I'm pretty comfortable with it except for rigging and character animation(because my rigs suck). How are you doing with maya? It's pretty intimidating at first, huh? Where are you taking it, and do you have any stills yet that you can share? It's great looking back on my intro projects and knowing that what took me 2 weeks I can now do in less than a day. Hows shake? I've yet to learn it. Still learning after effects, but I want to learn shake over the summer. I figure I'll have time for it if I don't get a job right away out of school....which in this economy is likely. is it easy to learn with just the tutorials? the other thing about maya is that once you learn maya, every other program in the world seems EASY. and you also get frustrated because no other program lets you have the control that you have in maya. Oftewn in Photoshop, final cut, and after effects I try to zoom like in maya....which doesnt work...maya has the best hot keys ever. Working on learning mel now as my "free" time...which means i'm not very far yet.

Posted by StopmoGR, on 2003-10-20 12:13:05

Jason-I just noticed your name. This is my son's name also. I'm a crazy father and named all my sons with stop motion in mind. I totally agree with you on Maya, once you get going it's a little easier, but right now I find animation very frustrating. I feel like inserting my hands into the computer and moving the darn thing. It seems DID's make a lot more sense, but what do I know I'm just a beginner. As far as I know there are no tutorials on Shake. There is a book that you can buy from that goes thru most but not all of the program and doesn't cover some of the important techniques we covered in class. So there needs to be more written on Shake. I think I know enough to get through most assignments. However, most places want experienced people so it might be tough to get a job. Here is a tutorial on rigging you might want to try. It also has the finished rig at the end if you just want to try animating that. Larry This, and many more are found on Good luck with your set. Keep trying. Don't get discouraged. You may want to add some burlap to make it stronger. I personally use die stone, but that is for making molds for my stop motion models. This makes it stronger and if you get a crack it won't break.

Posted by teabgs, on 2003-10-20 15:20:06

i'll check that tutorial out. Thanks. I usually goto Highend3d or cgtalk when I have cg issues. I dont want to be a compositer, so it doesnt matter if I don't get a job with shake. I just kinda want to kow it so I can use it for my own work if I want. Who knows if I like it un til I try it, right? as far as maya animation, I havent really gotten to like it yet because I hate rigging and usually dont have a good rig. then it makes animating suck. I think if someone were giving me a rig I would love it. As it is I need a really good cat rig for my film, and Im having someone else roto my stop motion to get the cg cat movement. SO I will be making an easy to use rig....since I cant be there when he does the animation. I will of course edit the curves and timing as I see fit... I wish I could animate a puppet that was connected to the computer so that the lighting/texture/rendering/motion blur/ environment, etc would be done in computer, but I could use my HANDS ON the character. ce la that the correct spelling? I never took french so....yeah. The little corner of test plaster worked great! I had to go out of town for 30 I put it down and now that I'm back it's hard as rock and looks great. Later I will get to the rest of it. thanks! Also, I do have burlap down, as It was also recommended. This film is just getting started and I've already learned so much. It's great.

Posted by Inertiac, on 2003-10-22 00:56:08

What you auta do is just use a small cup of water (half filled and plastic)...add plaster till the plaster dust starts to accumulate at the top and not dissolving when it hits the its saturated. Now mix it for a few minutes and you should have some liquidy can use this for patching up cracks and stuff..but if you want something more moldable, give it a few mor minutes of mixing till you get your desired thickness..but watch out, it dries really quick after that, so dont make too much or it'll go to waste.