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Posted by belloq (Guest), on 2001-03-17 11:38:32

Nightmare: epoxy putty?

NOTE: the following messages have been transferred from the original Message Board belloq User ID: 3264634 May 29th 12:20 PM I've noticed in the descriptions of materials used in many of the props for Nightmare Before Christmas is a substance called "epoxy putty." I have not found any materials by that name. Owning several original pieces, it looks like hardening clay, but is not water based, and not shiny. What is this substance and where can I find it? Any sources for all the different materials actually used to make all the props in Nightmare also welcome. Thanks. Neil Hughes User ID: 0728844 May 30th 6:05 PM epoxy putty is a two part putty that when kneaded together goes extremely hard and can be drilled filed etc. You can normally find it in hardware stores in the plumbing materials section. Plumbers use it to stop leaks and other misc. stuff. I have heard it called Propoxy as well. Neil Anthony User ID: 7650093 May 30th 9:32 PM It is great stuff. Propoxy was the first product I noticed but now there are other companies making it and at a cheaper price. Home Depot, here in California, makes a similar product and in different variations like plastic, aluminum, as well as steel. 735 User ID: 8729803 May 30th 9:43 PM I just ordered some stuff called magic sculp to check out. It sounds like this "epoxy putty". You have two parts and mix them. According to everything I have read about it, you can do everything from fix a hole in a boat to building a shiny (by polising) glass looking statue. It can be sanded, drilled etc... We will see in a few days if it is all that - it sounds good tho. The web site is if I remember correctly. TimBee User ID: 1174374 May 31st 10:12 PM I have used magic sculp quite a bit, and it's great. We have used it for character heads (that do not require any movement other than the neck)It has a 2 or 3 hour working time and you can add more to it once it sets up. It sands very well with wet sanding papers, you can get it very very smooth and clean. I still prefer to use epoxy putty in armatures though, simply because it sets up so much faster. Other types of magic sculp can be found through taxidermy shops(if you can find those..) belloq User ID: 0394114 Jun 3rd 6:12 PM Thanks for all of your suggestions. I will try them out. Grayson User ID: 0875014 Jul 11th 2:37 PM I was wondering if you can buy professional surface gauges or do you have to build them yourself. Nick H User ID: 0701364 Jul 11th 8:07 PM You can buy them from engineering suppliers, but they are expensive when all you need is a pointer. You don't actually animate the surface gauge, so any block with a wire stuck in it you can bend to point at your puppet does the same job, and you can make 3 or 4 in the time it would take you to find and buy one. I use a proper one interchangeably with a chunk of steel with a 3mm armature wire glued in, and another 1.5mm wire wound around it and extending a bit further. Both work.