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Posted by Harrie, on 2011-07-10 04:09:32

Interior Set Building at 1:7 scale?

Hey guys, I come from a live action background, so I just have a few questions regarding set building. I am starting on a very challenging short film very shortly. I have my script in the final stages of development, have completed my character designs and have started puppet fabrication. I need to build a set, preferably modular, of a small run down apartment. My style of filming requires a "four wall and ceiling" approach, so it will have to be somewhat modular as far as puppet access goes etc. The animation stage I have to build on top of is 1600mm by 1000mm, so its pretty small, but its the biggest stage I can fit into my studio(/bedroom) as I am trying to make a very expensive film for next to no money. I understand that lighting will of course be challenging too on a small set as lights take up room, much more room proportion wise as opposed to live action work. Im guessing that some sort of system that will allow me to remove walls, having a fixed floor and ceiling may be the best option. But I really have no idea as to how to go about this. I'm sure I can figure something out, but I just wondered what the best way to do this would be. Look forward to hearing your guy's thoughts, or any usefull links you might have. I have looked around a lot and can find heaps of puppet building stuff, but next to no set building information. Cheers, Harrie.

Posted by Nick H, on 2011-07-10 05:53:41

I have a fixed floor - a sheet of 1/2" particle board on top of my folding table frame, that can be removed for storage. Often there is no ceiling, but if there is, it usually just rests there with a screw to hold it. It's tricky lighting with a ceiling in place so I only do it if it will be seen. With interior sets - each of my walls has a strip of timber along the bottom, on the back. I use that to screw or clamp it to the set floor. I also screw it to the next wall at the corner. That way each wall can be taken out to allow camera access from that side. If I can find the thread about my Poe set, I can maybe show you. There are 3 walls, but the back wall can be modified to be the opposite wall - since you would never see both in the one shot. The door is covered with a fireplace, and the 2 side walls swap sides. Ah, here it is:

Posted by Strider, on 2011-07-10 19:03:08

I think I'd only make a partial ceiling... enough to cover one corner, as that's probably all you'd be able to see from any one camera angle. If made right, one piece (sort of a wedge shape, or maybe recangular) could be used in any corner when needed and be removed whennot needed for access and lighting. It's going to be very hard to light the set with a ceiling in the way...