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Posted by John R, on 2010-08-25 03:39:34

Anyone for a curry?

With poor Rumpelstiltskin behind us I've started on our 'Curry King' set. The dining table is the central part of the set with the meals made from polymer clay. Handkerchiefs double as table cloths for now and the wine bottle is a fridge-magnet I picked up at a car boot sale! I seem to have some difficulty in locating miniature pint glasses. There's a lot of beer guzzling at he table and I thought maybe use a yellow liquid in the glasses and use a syringe to remove the liquid as they drink. I reckin that might work, if I can find some beer glasses. At the moment I'm looking at cake decorations. Any ideas?

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-08-25 04:11:08

Looks great so far! The only thing that makes the handkerchiefs obvious is the lack of weight - they don't droop down at the edge of the table. To fix that, I put the tablecloth on wet, and let it dry in place. A lot of spray bottles - not the aerosols but the kind you pump with your finger - have a clear cap over the nozzle when you get it. (Small ones with a round button nozzle you push down, not biggert trigger-action guns.) It's perfect for fairly straight sided glasses, just a little bit of taper. I've used a few of them in 1:6 scale sets. Let's see, at the moment we have a small spray bottle of Nilodor, something you spray to remove smells, it has one of those caps on it. Otherwise, look in the cosmetics section of the supermarket for products with the caps, and buy a nice present for your girlfriend! :P I've also been known to buy 4 bottles of styling mousse, just for the larger size clear caps, so I could use them for lights on an ambulance. 2 of the bottles became an oxy-acetylene welding kit for one of my characters in the same series. Those came from a $2 shop. I also turned up a slightly curved beer glass in plexiglass on a lathe, made a silicone mould, and cast a few in clear resin when I had a film set in a pub. For beer, I used a bit of tea or paint in water for the amber colour, then put microballoons (a lightweight filler for resins) on top for froth. You can see some "beer" in my mini-film The Seventh Skol at Youtube.

Posted by John R, on 2010-08-25 04:30:52

Thanks for that Nick, I knew that if anyone had the answers you would! I'm often looking at stuff in the shops for caps and other things so I'll look a bit harder. As for buying presents for my girlfriend - don't tell the wife! You're absolutely right about the table cloths and I never thought of wetting them first. I'm hoping to get other material for those but that tip could still come in useful. Thanks again Nick. One more thing, how do I control the puppets after they've guzzled all that lager??

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-08-25 20:08:24

Hah! :7 I use an eyedropper to remove the liquid from the glass as they drink. A syringe would work too, whatever you've got.

Posted by John R, on 2010-08-26 02:41:31

I thought of a syringe because I could attach a thin pipe so as not to disturb the puppet too much. As for your suggestion earlier about using 'micro balloons' I'd never heard of them. So I googled it. I was pondering far too long over how to make the head on the beer and these seem ideal. Do they float on top of the liquid and will they remain there for the duration of the shots? :9

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-08-26 02:53:00

Yes! They never sink so they keep sitting on top like foam. They do get wet and less fluffy after a while, more creamy looking. But you can make a head on a beer that lasts the 4 hours it takes to do the shot! I had lots of beers in the pub episode of Good Riddance, and part of it is online - you can see a couple of those clear caps being used as beer glasses, with the foam on the beer, at 0:55: They are also called Q-Cell here. It's really a very fine super-light powder. I think I've read that the individual particles are hollow spheres with a light gas in them - you'd need a microscope to see it though.

Posted by John R, on 2010-08-26 03:27:57

Love the animation! Excellent! Well, those caps certainly look the part and the micro balloons definitely do the job. Armed with that info I'm off to do a little shopping... Thanks Nick, I appreciate your help.:7

Posted by Isomer, on 2010-08-26 07:54:03

John, you set look beautiful! It's a bit more elegant than the swill house Nick made so, I hope it doesn't get infested with creepy crawlers like his did. :P

Posted by John R, on 2010-08-26 08:58:38

Thanks for that Ron. No problem with creepy crawlies, I have my 'NO FLY ZONE' handy just in case...::P