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Posted by MikeGreaney, on 2010-07-11 01:02:55


Hey Ya'll I'm working on a sitcom style Living Room set, anyone know what i can use for convincing carpet? _Mike Greaney

Posted by alex uranga, on 2010-07-11 16:07:54

just buy real carpet from a hardware store and glue it down to your set.

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-07-11 21:16:47

I'm guessing you are working in miniature? I went through that too - only I was making an oriental carpet-seller's stall in an Arab market so I wanted lots of carpets. I found some Doll-House rugs that would work - they are 1:12 scale, where I work in 1:6, but a big rug in the small scale can be a smaller rug in my scale. ***!!!*** Just realised, you probably meant wall-to-wall carpeting, not oriental rugs! Much easier - look at velvet, velveteen, chenile type fabrics in a fabric store. Especially in the furnishing fabric section. Here's a thread about that, complete with photos: I just got some dark red stuff that was like a thick stiff felt for a movie theatre carpet, it had a good pile on one side. That's the only colour it came in though. I used it for my cinema set in my Harryhausen 90 tribute (my Youtube site). But just in case you did mean patterned rugs, I'll leave what I wrote about rugs below. ......... And I found something called a Mouse-rug - a mouse mat in the usual size, but it's actually flocked with different coloured fibres and they are reproductions of genuine old carpets. So it has a pile, though it's a very fine one. Look on eBay in the USA for Mouse Rug. I bought 4 and may go back and get more. The disadvantage is that there is a foam backing on them, like any other mouse mat - but you could shave it off, or have an inset in the floor so they sit lower and look like the right thickness. That would also keep it from moving around. That's what I am going to try for a room with floorboards and one rug. I have the particle board base to the set floor, so I will add 3mm ply floorboards everywhere except where the rug goes. I also printed some designs on iron-on transfer paper and applied them to canvas - no pile, but at least a fabric texture. I posted shots of some of my methods for making rugs, if I can find the thread - it's from last year. I'll get back to you... Couldn't find it , it wasn't my own thread, just my reply to someone else's question.

Posted by MikeGreaney, on 2010-07-14 06:30:50

thats awesome thanks heaps mate ill start looking around in fabric stores :)

Posted by Citizen X, on 2010-11-28 17:34:25

[In the spirit of "better late than never"...] Most craft stores sell 12" x 12" squares of felt with adhesive backing. They come in assorted colors, and are reusable (if you leave the backing on). I have used black for roads, green for grass, and white for a "fancy" office carpet.

Posted by HChaskin, on 2010-11-29 11:37:19

Fabric works very well, especially if it has long/textured fibers, but you may want to spray it with a fixative like hairspray to avoid chatter when you animate. Also take special care to tack it down really well or it may knot up when you drill your tie-downs.

Posted by John R, on 2010-11-29 11:48:19

At the moment I'm using felt for the carpet in my Indian Restaurant, a plain 'Cranberry' colour. (Although patterned felt is available.) Not a good idea to drill the tie down holes through the felt, the material will just screw up aroung the drill bit. I'm hoping to pre-drill the holes in the base board then I can just poke holes through the felt, holes which can be easily brushed over and hidden. At least that's my plan, I'll let you know how it goes...

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-11-29 17:14:06

I've used pile fabrics, and a thick felt-like stuff (something like carpet tiles, but in a wide roll) for carpet. I drill the hole in the chip-board underneath, then lay the carpet down, feel the holes, and cut little slits in the fabric with my curved trimming scissors. The slit usually closes up and is invisible, but lets the tiedown poke through. The felty stuff was a darkish red, and was used for my Ray's 90th tribute as the carpet in the cinema. It's the only time I've seen that stuff in the fabric shop, and only in that one colour, but was perfect for that set. It's thick and stiff enough to lay flat, but with velvety fabrics I sometimes lightly spray glue them down so they don't ripple during the animation.