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Posted by MattChappell, on 2010-04-16 15:17:16

Stone Wall -- help/opinions

Hey all, I wanted to try something different; mainly because this is stuff I already had lying around my house. I started working on a stone wall today. I ended up using -- not styrofoam -- but something like's almost like a more plastic-y type thing; or maybe a variation of styrofoam. Anyway, I ended up stenciling a design for the rock wall. I took a wood-burning tool with an exacto knife blade and cut my grooves (btw: I did not think about the toxic fumes that would be created by doing this). I probably have cancer now. I then took sculpey and started laying it over the grooves I created. I really like the results; plus, I can texture each stone individually. So, my question what? Baking the sculpey is out of the question because the styrofoam would warp in the oven. I was then thinking of taking a hair dryer to the layer of sculpey and getting it somewhat hard. After that, I would paint it with acrylics and then age it. That should be fine, right? The below photo shows only a small section of the sculpey over the styrofoam. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Any help/opinion would be greatly appreaciated.

Posted by grecodan, on 2010-04-16 15:45:26

Depending on how thin the sculpey layer is, you might be able to cure it in the sun. I once managed to cure a small car that way. I lined a shoe box with tin foil, covered the top with cellophane wrap, then put the raw sculpey model in the box and set the whole thing on the driveway with the cellophane facing the sun. I figure it got to be about 150 degrees inside there, which after about an hour and a half was enough to harden the sculpey sufficiently. Might be worth a try.

Posted by hemble, on 2010-04-16 18:06:44

Hey mate The foam you have used sounds like it's marine foam I use it on alot of my dio's. As for the curing I woudl leave it in the sun as grecodan mentioned that would give you time to do other things or a hair drier will do the trick. Ron

Posted by MattChappell, on 2010-04-16 18:08:54

Thanks, that's perfect. I just have to wait for the sun to make an appearance - rain storms in NY rest of the week. Too cold right now anyway. I'll give it a month to start warming up. The layer of the sculpey is not thick. If you use a pasta machine for your sculpey, I'm on the second notch. So, it should work fine. Thanks again.

Posted by grecodan, on 2010-04-16 18:38:53

[div class="dcquote"][strong]Quote[/strong] If you use a pasta machine for your sculpey, I'm on the second notch. [/div] Remind me never to eat spaghetti at your house. :)

Posted by Nick H, on 2010-04-16 21:22:56

I used some of the foam packing my power conditioner came in to make a bit of stone wall - it's white, like styrofoam, but shinier and more "rubbery". Might be the same stuff you used. Anyway, I coated a piece with tile adhesive for a nice texture, and put in my oven to speed up the drying, and it did shrink. It wasn't anywhere near the temperature for baking Sculpey either. Other pieces that dried in the sun were ok. But polymer clays usually need more heat than that to set hard. A long time ago, I made a shrunken head from Fimo (another polymer clay similar to Sculpey). I sculpted it over a core of the regular styrene foam, and after I baked the Fimo at 130 degrees C to harden it, the styrofoam was completely gone, it was hollow inside. I suspect this foam would do the same thing. So next time use epoxy putty over this foam, because that doesn't need baking. Hey, is that the Scarecrow and the throne of Oz in that pic?

Posted by MattChappell, on 2010-04-18 15:56:14

Thanks, since only that small portion was done so far, I might scrap it and use epoxy. [div class="dcquote"][strong]Quote[/strong] Hey, is that the Scarecrow and the throne of Oz in that pic? [/div] Yep, and I just started on the lion's head sculpt. I worked with Jill from SMM and Juergen from Stopmotec to get the scarecrow built. Jill also did the throne.

Posted by alex uranga, on 2010-04-18 22:37:18

Oh yeah, I remember seeing Jill Penny's scarecrow on smm. Didn't she make it out of cloth?

Posted by MattChappell, on 2010-04-21 16:14:30

Yep, it's a cloth body with a steel b&s armature.