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Posted by Roos, on 2009-06-24 09:18:06

Attaching grass

Hello all! I haven't posted on this forum for quite a while, but in the mean time I have learned a lot by reading here. And since I'm a newbie, most of my questions I find answered in other topics, the handbook, users weblogs, etc, etc. But finally I have a question for something I've been trying in different ways but I can't find the right method. I'm busy with a set where one part is a hill with grass (and other plants). The grass will be on the hill and some on the flat surface. I want it to be long grass. I have tried some things with the 'hairs' from a broomstick, painted green, and I liked the look of it, but I have problems with attaching it to my set. The hill is made from paper mache. I think I should stick the grass into something maybe and than attach that, but I'm not sure what would work the best. I have also read about using artificial fox fur as grass but I don't know where I could get that (without buying an expensive jacket for it or something, I live in the Netherlands by the way if that would help for an answer on this). That would be more easy to attach of course. I have also seen the woodland scenics field grass which looks nice, but how to they fix that to a set than? I should be able to do the same with my broomstick grass I guess. I hope somebody can answer my questions. Thanks for all the great info here so far!

Posted by Jesse Offy, on 2009-06-24 09:46:43

I asked a similar question a little while ago. A good source of scenery stuff is here: They even have grass stuff.

Posted by Isomer, on 2009-06-24 10:06:39

I've worked a lot for an architectural model making company and have done a bunch of this sort of thing and I'm afraid to say that there is no solid established method. This stuff is always done on a case-by-case basis depending upon what your dealing with. The one thing you didn't mention was how tall the grass is and also it would help to know how dense you want it to look. But because you mentioned the fox fur option, I'll assume that you want very dense coverage and that it's about an inch tall. The idea I have is a tedious one but, I really don't seem to be able to think of a simple solution. The reason why is because you would obviously want all of the grass standing straight up so any option to do something on a flat mat that you would glue down would have the grass angle the wrong way. So I'm thinking that you could use some kind of a thin poker (like a long metal skewer that you would use to make a shish-kabob) and punch a million holes in the paper mache hill. You would keep the holes at a fixed depth so that the grass will all be at the same height - put a marker on your poker to gauge the depth. Cut all the strands from the broom to the same length and dip small bunches of them into some white glue and drop them into the holes. I'd be interested to see the fake fox fur to use as grass, that certainly would be easier but, you would need to style it with hair gel and comb it up while blow drying it.

Posted by groovista, on 2009-06-24 13:25:08

Micro-Mark has lots of very groovy tools, and they've got some specialzed stuff for model-railroad scenery. Here's a glas-planting tool and the grass to use it with:,7830.html Here's an electrostatic grass-a-ma-jig:,9293.html

Posted by Roos, on 2009-06-25 15:23:45

Thanks for all the ideas! I tried your idea Isomer, and it did kinda worked, but was (of course) very time consuming, and it was quite impossible to get some density. I think this would have looked great for grass or cane in a pond or something, but for a hill covered by grass I think I need something else, if I donīt want to spend the next weeks with just sticking grass into a set. (The problem with that is that I have to have this finished coming week because I use this set for an exhibition for art class at school (just for secondary school, but subject and shape and everyhting was free so well, I decided to make things big.... :S)). I tried some different things and finally found a good way! Inspired by the grass and the tools at the websites (thanks for those links Groovista, looks like a lot of great products they sell there!) I had a look around and saw a piece of sisal rope and I got an idea. I disentwined it, painted it green and sticked it to my set sticking a piece of bent wire over it, through the set. Itīs not standing really straight upwards, but well, reall grass doesnt do that either. I think I like how it looks now. Shall I post some pictures when it is finished?