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Posted by 1, on 2002-09-10 20:47:21

Fiber Optic Lighting

Hey guys, If anyone has been studied movie making long enough - you know how they lit mini models. They would take fluorescent "is that spelled right?" lights and run them through the center of a model. Then you take plastic fiber optics and run them over the light so it can transfer it to the tip. You drill holes along the outside of your spaceship or whatever, and glue the tip of this fiber optic into the hole. It looks like a little port with a light in it when you do this. Well I found a really awesome, cheap, and simple way to do this: I am going to buy some of these to sell from a wholesaler. They are glowing pieces of flexible plastic. You can bend it in any shape you want. You can place the strip along little holes in ships, glue them under floating speeders so it looks like a force field making it hover. You can make mini-neon signs for sets, and run it through a puppet to make a light saber. So I am not trying to spam these boards but it is really kind of exciting. The possibilities are endless for great little effects. These things come in tons of colors too. Marc Visit

Posted by Sock Puppet, on 2002-09-10 23:37:32

that sounds cool marc. Are you selling them from your site? How are they powered? Batteries? So do you position the power supply under the table and run the fiber optic cable up through a hole into whatever needs to be lit? I guess for space ship or whatnot you would have to rig the power source inside the ship. I have a tech. friend who is really talented with LED(light emitting diodes) lights. That run on extremely low energy. Anyone ever use this kind of light for anything? I was thinking of asking for his help when i need on set lighting. _josh

Posted by 1, on 2002-09-11 00:49:52

Hey Josh, I don't have any to sell yet. I am still in the process of getting them sent to me. They are battery powered by a couple of AAA batteries. For animation you just flip them off between snapping your shots. All you have to do is string the electro luminescent wire wherever you need. I found out about these things when I saw a computer case mod that used these things.Check out how it was used: Its an entire tutorial that shows how to install it too. They used crazy glue to attach it, but I would try to use something temporary. Marc Visit

Posted by Strider, on 2002-09-11 05:07:42

Sounds really cool! I remember seeing something similar a while back in a model railroad catalog... something that comes in thin sheets which light up when attatched to the power source. I don't remember if it was powered by batteries... possibly by the railroad transformer. But what was really neat was you just cut it into a shape and then light it up, for making signs and stuff. Then of course you could cut a piece of cardboard or formica or whatever to put in front of it, with cutouts for the light to shine through if you want.

Posted by 1, on 2002-09-11 07:03:06

Hey Mike, The same stuff is what is inside the techno lights. If I could sell the strip form it would probably be a good idea. But the problem is you have to solder things and connect them to a transormer based on the length and size of the strip. So it actually gets pretty complicated. I saw on one site a guy who made a mellenium falcon model from scratch. He used one of those flat strips of this material to make the inside cockpit lights - and it looked really awesome. I think he used it as one big strip in the back to look like the glow of the engines. I just looked for the link and found it - check out the pictures of it here: Oops! Dang, well that isn't the right link, but it looks cool. I'll have to look around for the original tutorial. Marc Visit