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Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-30 23:30:26

carpeting floor

i've only come across 1 thread, showing a photo of a carpeted floor on a set, set was done by youneekusername.(awesome set) i'll have a 6 inch puppet made of foam and latex walking only about 3 to 6 inches using tie-downs. what i was wondering is, if anyone has any suggestions on ways to simulate carpeting? because all i see in my head is problems with drilling the tie-downs and how the puppet will rest atop carpeting and covering up the holes afterwards, depending on the thickness of the carpeting.

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-07-30 23:51:09

I use a piled fabric like velvet, velveteen, velour, chenille - whatever works for colour and pattern, and feels like the right scale. Some are coarse piles, some are fine and short. I don't mind it being a bit coarser than a strictly accurate scale model, and longer pile hides tiedowns better. First, I drill the holes in the particle board floor. Then, I put the carpet over it. With small nail scissors I cut a slit in the fabric, just over the hole where the foot will go. It tends to close up, and the cut is hidden in the pile. The tiedown will easily push up through it. You can see it when you animate if you look close, or you can feel the hole underneath with your finger, but it isn't noticeable on camera. Sometimes I lightly spray glue the carpet down with #77, other times I staple it around the edges so it is pulled tight. Then I lower the set walls onto it. You can leave it until the foot is nearly on the hole to make the cut, but then the foot can get in the way. You don't want it suddenly changing during the shot unless the foot hides it, so mostly I cut the slits first.

Posted by Strider, on 2008-07-31 00:22:46

Don't use actual carpeting... it'll look way too big! Maybe some suede or something would work. Actually I think I'd just use fabric. As for tie-down holes, drill the holes in your table before attaching the 'carpet' down, then cut a slit for each hole. It won't even show, but you can put screws up through it. You might need to cut an X rather than just a slit. Oops... didn't realize Nick had beat me to it. I wanted to use info I had learned from him to try to act smart!

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-31 00:05:06

ahhhhh ok. so walk it out first, before the carpeting (slaps myself). ty much nick, your awesome. i was trying to stay away from carpeting completely, but i have to have it. its kinda gonna be like a ballroom scene with wood floor on top of the carpeting, like you would see in a hotel. k ty much, thats exactly what i needed to know.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-31 01:19:13

lol, no prob, ty both. maybe you and nick should write a book...STOPMO FOR DUMMIES was just looking at tim burtons 'vincent' and that first scene with the cat jumping in the window, with vincent playing a penny whistle or something, that room is carpeted, but i can't make out the material, i think because its b&w, i cant tell hmmm

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-07-31 02:26:32

Gotta be quick! I found a screengrab showing a carpeted room done the way we said. It's not very sharp, but it's a coarse upholstery fabric with a rough pile - but still far thinner and smaller than any real carpet. (Cell Animation circa 1996.) Last year, I re-used most of the same set, but didn't have that fabric any more. I used something smoother, more like a heavy velvet curtain material but with a grid pattern that wasn't quite right for a carpet.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-31 02:40:40

yeah the thinner the better, since it will a small parquet floor looking dance floor over it. ty nick, i'll be hitting a fabric store in a few hours. was actually going to experiment and see if i can have that parquet floor pattern to the wood also. i did wood finishing for a few years, so i'll give that a go. the more i look at that photo, you just posted, the more i like that texture, because it will hide the slit or cross mark for the tie-downs even better. i love the detail in that set you just posted

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-07-31 20:46:54

I found a screengrab with the other material as originally used. In this shot the waiter walked right across the room with the carpet in view. A cleaner image taken with the Nikon, from last year when I used the piece of velvet in the living room set: Look especially in the furnishing and upholstery fabrics section.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-31 21:34:47

will do nick, ty much for all your help. and ty for posting the pics, always helps having a visual

Posted by Woolly Monster, on 2008-08-01 06:29:31

Hi Bob, I actually use real carpet for my sets. If you buy cheap carpet tiles, the pile is usually very short and dense so it isn't as obvious that the scale is wrong. The good thing about it is that the tie-down holes are disguised by the depth of the pile (as long as you have the camera at a low angle). Of course Nick's method is much more professional looking and I'd go with that one for a set which needs to look very realistic. I just thought I'd let people know that if you shop around you can sometimes find carpet that works on a miniature scale - usually the cheaper and nastier the carpet (especially budget carpet tiles), the better it works.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-08-01 17:11:38

ok ty much woolly, yeah i've been looking at a few sets with real carpet, it almost looks like the puppet is resting atop the carpet pile. thats when i started to think, wait there has to be another way. yeah im going to do the nicks fabric method. but ty much for responding

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-08-03 20:11:29

I was in a big Spotlight fabric store on the weekend (actually looking for bright yellow fur), so while I was there I looked to see if there was anything good for carpets. Found one short pile "mosaic" texture that would work well in a neutral colour, and a deep red one, but nothing for a patterened carpet. So not much, but something that would do if I had to get something right away. Another source might be old curtains in a charity shop. Yes, I've seen carpet tile that would work, too, so that's a good suggestion. With real plush pile carpet, by the time you tighten up the tiedowns, the puppet would probably sink right down into the carpet.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-08-03 21:23:30

ty ty ty ty ty nick, i still havnt gone yet to get the fabric, but im planning on either monday or tuesday. everytime i think im ready to start working on the set, either i think of something else needed or i totally forget an item. anywho, i guess if theres only a bit of texture i'll be fine. carpets in hotels (scene is in hotel ballroom) and such are always very busy looking and quite ugly. i've been designing the walls all weekend, those are always quite busy looking also (plenty of millwork). anyways ty so much for taking a look at the fabrics, i'm lucky to have plenty of stores about who deal with fabrics and crafts. not sure why, but there is. all there use to be here is light bulb stores and strip bars, i dont think there is a connection there but... who knows. the only thing thats not about is hobby stores, those seem to have faded away. k ty much good luck with the yellow fur