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Posted by Samson, on 2008-07-13 23:28:27

How can i make miniature vinyl records?

How can i make miniature vinyl records? Im making a short film and my character is going to be spinning some records on his turntable. I made the turntable last night (picture attached) but havnt painted it yet(im allso gonna add an on/off switch, a start/stop button, and a whatchamacalit slider thingy that speeds/slows the record). N-E-ways, i want to make a mold so i can cast as many records as i want. I figured i would make an original out of air dry modeling clay or sculpy, then make a silicone mold. However, I have no idea what material to cast in. Some kind of black plastic resin would be ideal. does anyone know of such stuff or where to get it? It would have to be pretty tough stuff though as i dont want the records to be any thicker than 1/16". A little thinner would be better. Any ideas, tips, or suggestions would help a bunch. Allso any links to silicone or latex molding tutorials would help too as i have never tried it. Thanx!, Sam

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-13 23:31:53

how big is the actual record going to be, i see the thickness is 1/16 or less ?

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-13 23:45:05

i was thinking instead of making something, theres plenty of items already made you can just paint, i think poker chips are a bit too thick, but maybe say, bingo chips would actually be perfect, just drill 1 hole and paint it black. now i have a strange desire to listen to the rolling stones. oh and as far as making molds, check out the handbook here for some links.

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-07-14 00:23:01

I would find a thin plastic material, and cut a circle out. If it is clear plastic, you could paint it black on the underside. Or it could be black card, or white card painted black. If you have a compass and a black biro, draw lots of rings on it, the different shininess of the ink will give a hint of the grooves. Or, photograph an actual record, reduce the image size, and print out with an inkjet printer.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-14 00:34:43

oh yeah i like that idea of a pic, heres a good pic to use

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-07-14 00:38:32

Exactly! That's perfect, because you can see the tracks on it.

Posted by bobharling1, on 2008-07-14 00:43:27

and then really you dont even need plastic or anything. just has to be pasted to ummm whatever lol. oh and sam that sliding thing is called a pitch control. that turntable looks great, make sure you post a completed photo. oh and welcome to sma.

Posted by Samson, on 2008-07-14 23:54:02

Thanks for the tips guys! I think ill use that pic, rubber cemented onto... something, and then sprayed with glossy finish stuff. I want it to have that vinyl shine. Maybe ill glue the center label onto the record after i spray on the gloss to keep the textures separate. Im worried that the edges might look a little rough, but maybe just some black acrylic paint around the edge would hide any sight of paper sandwich edges. Thanks for the warm welcome as well. Ive been soaking up vast amounts of knowledge from this excellent site for years but this is my first post. You guys have a wonderful community going here and i hope i can do my part to help keep it awesome. Ill be sure to post that pic when im done. Peace! - Sam

Posted by Boy Oyng, on 2008-07-15 09:28:11

I was going to suggest printing, too, but others (as usual) beat me to it. I'd suggest, however, printing on glossy photo paper, which would give you the gloss. You could also print out a lot on one page. The only problem I foresee is having to cut them all out as perfect circles. They do sell compasses with knife attachments. Maybe you could make something like that, or find a die punch that would work (unlikely, costly). For deglossing, you might make a stencil with proper label-sized holes and then spray a matte finish over them. A problem with that photo of a record you posted is the two areas of light and dark. Those will spin around on the turntable and might give the secret away. I think I'd try one that was just one color of black.