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Posted by B and B Studios, on 2008-04-14 15:46:44

Window blinds?

In my next movie (StreetCop) I need to make window blinds. I'm talking about metal ones. But I don't want them just in the background I need them for my character to keep peering out of. I need some one to tell me what would be best to make them out of. Thanks -see attachment- -B&B Studios B&B Studios Brickfilms-R-us

Posted by castlegardener, on 2008-04-14 18:33:55

I would probably find some thin plasticard and cut it into strips. Plasticard is thin plastic like on the model buildings you see on a train set. The also come in just plain (non-textured) sheets. You can find all different thickness. Find the right thickness, they are already white, cut a bunch of strips, and glue a thin fabric strip to connect them. Add some string for show and you are good to go. Here is a random link to some plasticard

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-04-15 00:31:33

Are these Venetian blinds? If they stay in the closed position, you can just glue all your strips of card or styrene (that's what the plasticard looks like to me) onto a single sheet, overlapping slightly, and it will look fine. If they stay open so you can see between the slats, it's a bit trickier. Each slat has 2 or 3 slots in it, for the cords to pass through. Probably a round hole would look near enough. A thread passing through, with a dab of glue to support each slat, might work. If they have to operate on camera like real ones, tilting open or closed, and so you can pull the cord and they all collapse upwards, then you pretty well have to make them just like the real ones, only very small. Actual metal venetian slats have a slight curvature. Wooden ones are flat. But you could probably get away without the curvature.

Posted by castlegardener, on 2008-04-15 00:56:18

Yes, plasticard is the same as styrene.

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-04-15 02:46:13

Just thinking about size... The regular old blinds had 2" (50mm) slats. In 1:6 scale (a 6 ft tall man is 12"), that would be 8.33 millimeters. Ice cream sticks are a little wider than that I think, and not long enough. There are various table mats and roll-up blinds in bamboo and other materials, might be something with slats that are close. But I'd look at cutting card or styrene with a snap-off blade knife and a ruler, and maybe using a hole punch to make a hole near each end for the string. Thought of way to make them all open and close together: Have a vertical strip of card at each end, and attach each slat at the back with a bit of tape on the underside. Paint the strip and the tape on it to look like part of the window frame. Then you need the threads near the front of each slat, pushed through with a needle so it fits tightly. Raise and lower the threads and all the slats pivot together. They should be able to drop down so they are closed, or pivot up just past the halfway mark so they are open for the character to look through. He could actually pull the thread, or he could pull on some hat elastic (so it always looks tight) and the blinds could be operated from off camera.

Posted by B and B Studios, on 2008-04-15 14:44:39

What I mean by "peering out" is him pulling a few slats down with a finger, like in the attachment. B&B Studios Brickfilms-R-us

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-04-15 19:33:07

That means the slats have to be flexible enough for him to bend one down. The tape "hinges" would be at the ends of the slat, so a styrene or thin card slat could do what you see in the photo. The curve you get in each metal slat would help it stay stiff, then fold in one spot. Card could be rolled up before cutting into strips maybe, or the strips rolled inside a bigger sheet to get that curve. Styrene could be vac-formed into a curve, or possibly rolled up in some card and heated, not sure how that would work. Just thought... the metal tape in a tape measure has exactly the same curve, and bends the same way! There are cheap tape measures in many sizes, there could easily be one that is perfect! I'd look for a 1 metre mini tape size to get that narrow a tape.

Posted by B and B Studios, on 2008-04-16 06:20:37

Okay, thanks Nick. Well I better be off to the studio now. -B&B Studios B&B Studios Brickfilms-R-us

Posted by Strider, on 2008-04-16 07:13:20

Damn Nick, that's brilliant!!! You have this uncanny ability to "think small".