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Posted by castlegardener, on 2008-02-01 12:29:31

My new set

Ok everyone, I have changed the angle a little bit and moved things around some and repainted some of the background items. Please take a look and let me know what you think of this set. Let me know if you see anything that seems wrong, out of place, wrong color, etc. The setting is a surreal forest so it is not meant to realistic, with a forest wizard and his creature.

Posted by youneekusername, on 2008-02-01 15:07:44

I really like the colors and props you have so far in the set. But, it seems a bit open for a forest. Maybe this is a clearing in the forest though? Is this the whole set or is there more to be seen? It does seem very surreal and the puppets look interesting that I can't wait to see what these characters are like. I think all it needs is some more trees around them. -Mike L.

Posted by mijahu, on 2008-02-01 17:36:20

Hmm...I can't say anything about colors, because the computer I'm using is totally off contrast. This looks nice, I like the style of the mushrooms. This is a clearing in the forest, yes? If so, I suggest you put a little more 3D trees along the painted wall, or perhaps some protruding branches. I like those thin trees to the right of the pic above the mushroom. I suggest maybe a couple more of those along the wall.

Posted by castlegardener, on 2008-02-01 15:43:30

Yes it is the clearing, there is a little more scenery just outside of the camera's view but basically this is it. Most of the action will take place right here. There is another different setting for other parts of the film. This setting has just enough space to move the camera around a bit for different views but you are seeing most of it in this view.

Posted by youneekusername, on 2008-02-01 16:58:55

Neat! Since you want it to be a forest I think you'll need more than those painted background trees to show the viewer very easily that this is a forest setting. Just a few tall trees to show they're more surrounded in the clearing. You could probably extend your viewing a little more with those trees too...because the viewer will see a tree at the edge of the scene (instead of just land)and assume there's more forest just behind the scene and not the edge of a set. That might be one way to hide the corners of the set. But like you said, it is a not too many trees. I just was suggesting some around the edges maybe. -Mike L.

Posted by jriggity, on 2008-02-01 19:07:28

Looks fun dood! Maybe add some cool White Rocks to break up the ground plane. jriggity

Posted by Nick H, on 2008-02-03 22:53:34

Cool looking mushrooms! A foreground tree that you can move to different positions, and rotate so it looks a little different, can be useful. One close-up object can cover up a lot of distant set, and save making a few things. I'd like to see some real objects in the foreground represented in the backdrop, painted a bit smaller. And one or two model trees that look a lot like the painted trees, to tie the two elements together better. A sense of a path leading back into the painting, with smaller and smaller mushrooms, would feel deeper than the fairly flat painting of trees - some of the same ground colors and textures going off into the distance. There's maybe a bit too much of the solid green colour in the painting, could be broken up more, like bits of foliage at different depths. But having said that, you have now covered the edge of the set nicely, and put some mushrooms up close to add depth, and it's coming along pretty well now!

Posted by Strider, on 2008-02-04 00:00:12

Looking really good John! I can see where people are coming from with saying to add more trees, that would make it look like a denser forest, but personally i wouldn't want to see it get any busier in there. Maybe just a tree or two up front, in front of the puppets. And/or possibly something in front of your light to cast treelike shadows across the open ground where the dudes are standing, which would help sell the idea that there are more trees than we can see. One way to help along the illusipn of the painted background would be to add a little texture to the foremost painted trees... just the 2 or 3 that look like they're right behind the actual set.... copy the texture you can see on the existing trees. It wouldn't take much (again, I'd be careful not to got too carried away and overdetail.... design is always more important than detail, and detail must be kept under control).

Posted by Screech82, on 2008-02-04 12:39:57

This is looking nice! You always seem to be making beautiful stuff!