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Posted by 0Sullivan, on 2007-11-27 07:51:43

Types of soil.

Hello everybody: Im making a set, and I want to know What type of soil you use? how you do hide the holes of the screws which hold the armature? where I can buy? There are variety of soil types? You Put tiles interchangeable? But it is a floor whitout tiles? Is there any website where I can see and buy it? Thanks.

Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2007-11-27 11:17:17

soil? never used that for making any part of a set. perhaps you mean clay, in which case I use das air drying clay. -marc more hassle than it's worth? pfft. screw that!

Posted by castlegardener, on 2007-11-27 12:41:14

Strider made a tutorial and it is on stopmoshorts for this. It is really good. As far as soil you really don't want to use that because it will move through out the film. It will appear live. But there are ways around it. My film right now is set outside. I found green grass looking fibers from a railroad hobby store and applied that. I mixed white glue with water to make it runny and then brushed it on my set. Pour on the grass fibers and let dry. Shake off the excess and reapply where necessary. Everything you have as ground should be glued down so it doesn't move. I actually vacuum my grass before every shoot. You can find grass and other sand or rock looking fibers at hobby store. I mix them all up until I get what I want and dump it on glued areas. Just make sure it is all glued down.

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-11-27 18:14:55

In the front where I am animating the puppet, anr anywhere there is a risk I might brush it with my sleeve, I never use loose dirt. I make a rough ground texture with plaster. Further back, where there is no risk of touching it, I may use a little dirt sometimes, just to hide the edge between a rock or tree and the ground.

Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2007-12-02 14:22:02

hey john, how'd you get the quickcam onto that tripod? the one I used to always animate with only fitted onto a base that came with it. -marc more hassle than it's worth? pfft. screw that!

Posted by castlegardener, on 2007-12-02 14:51:45

The camera in that photo has a tripod base threaded hole in it. I just replaced that one though with a new philips webcam spc900nc from Walmart, and I love it. The picture is so much clearer I can see when my puppet moves his fingers now. I think it was around $70 or $80 dollars. Others were talking about it in the camera forum so my wife surprised me with it and it is great. Compared to the old one the new one is badass.

Posted by connorgorman, on 2007-12-30 09:04:23

Just Use Brown Plasticine or Some Real Soil If You Want To Make A Mess But I Would Personaly Go With Brown Plasticine Whatever You Wish To Use :-)

Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2007-12-30 13:56:23

real soil + glue??? -marc

Posted by PaulVortex, on 2007-12-30 14:46:26

Better to use some dried material... Dried soil might do the trick (glued to set floor with a tacky glue of some kind). But there are several alternative products used in scale modelling that look great as soil and grass cover. They are called "Flock" and "Static Grass". The flock comes in various types and various colours. There are some actually designed and chosen because they mimic soil cover perfectly at small scales.

Posted by connorgorman, on 2008-01-09 14:53:45

Dont Go Into Your backgarden and get soil go to diy shops and get some compost not backgarden soil because all the germs and bugs inside it