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Posted by Monkalope, on 2007-10-26 14:31:39

1/12 or 1/6 Cars

Hey everybody, I'm using 12 inch figures (1/6 scale) and was wondering where I could find 1/6 scale size cars, specifically 1920s-40s cars. Besides the almighty Ebay (bless it's soul, where would animators be without it), are there any companies that make large diecast versions that are under $100? Thanks for any replies!

Posted by Toadster, on 2007-10-28 19:31:43

There's not a whole lot out there at these large scales besides vacuum-formed R/C racing car body shells. Occasionally, though you'll find a street rod that might fit the bill here, but these tend to be very basic shapes in very thin plastic. Die-cast of this size...I dunno...

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-10-29 23:31:42

I work in 1:6 scale, and there aren't many cars. There are a few 1:6 motorcycles. You can get a 1948 style Indian Chief in several colours. Made by New-Ray in plastic. They also do an Indian 4: The ones from Guiloy in diecast metal are better detailed. Here's a link - nice 20's Indian Scout there as well I see: I've seen older 1903 or 1912-ish Harleys in 1:6 scale for sale on eBay in the USA. But cars are another matter. 2 years ago there were some toy Mini Coopers in the shops (the new retro Mini made by BMW, not the original Mini of the 1960s) in 1:6 scale. Here's a photo: But not the right period. I found a reference to 1:6 model chev & Ford engines by Liberty Classics, but not whole cars. Barbie cars are well under the actual size of a true 1:6 scale. I had to make my own 1950's Morris Minor, Minor van, and VW beetle. (See my Model Vehicles album at picturetrail link below.) If I wanted a 30's of 40's car in 1:6 I'd expect to have to make it from scratch. The rounded body shapes of forties US cars would probably need sculpting in clay. Some 1920's shapes, like a Model A, might be boxy enough to build up with mdf and round the corners off, like I did my ambulance and moving van. There are a few in 1:12 scale. I've seen a 1:12 Citroen Traction Avant (made from 1934 to 1955) in model shops, and there is a 50's chev or something like that, and maybe a couple more. There is a lot to choose from in 1:18 scale, 1:24 scale, and 1:43 scale, but those are too small to use with puppets. I make 1:24 scale street sets for wide shots with lots of cars, but go back to 1:6 scale for my puppet animation. In one case, I made just a small section of a Citroen 2CV in 1:6, enough to cut from a 1:24 scale wide shot with the whole car. It wasn't much more than the right front fender and some of the bonnet, with a headlight shell that I turned in aluminium perched on top, but I had the small model (a plastic kit) to show the whole car.

Posted by Monkalope, on 2007-11-01 09:06:58

Your pictures are great by the way. I figured I would have to use 1:18 or 1:24 scale streets and cars for the chase scenes intercut with close-ups of the actual puppets. I suppose for the close-up shots, I could use any 1:6 car, since only the door and window might be visible, thus disguising any resemblance to the actual make of the car in the close-ups. Thanks for your advice guys!