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Posted by Purehilarity, on 2007-09-15 12:31:47

Stop Motion Set References

Hello Animators, I just subscribed to this forum minutes ago. I am a student studying animation at the Delaware College of Art and Design. For my second year art history and writing and lit classes we have a research paper due in a few months on an art topic. I am considering writing about stop motion set design since I am interested in stop motion and may possibly focus on stop motion in the future. So, I'm wondering if you all have any ideas of books, articles, whatever that may help me to build a bibliography for my paper. While I realize that some of you here are very brilliant at what you do, I do not feel that it would go over too well if I used you as my main sources. I could definately use some of the information on the forums as well, but I'm looking for books, history of stop motion, etc. Thanks for your help. Sam Roe (Animation Student)

Posted by 3DG, on 2007-09-15 18:26:29

To get started, read and visit the links provided on the following pages. (scroll all the way down through the list and see if your local library has the books or can borrow them for you) Perhaps you will be able to post your article online (here, on your own website, or elsewhere) for others to learn from in the future.

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-09-15 21:07:32

Set DESIGN for stop motion is the same as set design for any film - inspiration and references can come from absolutely anywhere. When I need to set a scene in Venice, I don't look at stop motion books, I look for books, photos, and paintings of Venice. The practical methods of set CONSTRUCTION do have more to do with modelmaking techniques. They can be a lot like building full scale sets only smaller, or they can use different materials that wouldn't work on a large scale. (for a full size wall you'd build a timber frame and cover it in ply, but for a miniature it might only be a sheet of foamcore or cardboard.) But I kind of worked all that out for myself over years of working in propmaking, scenic art, and design. There are a few books on theatrical props making and set construction I think. I couldn't get them back when I needed them, and don't need them now. I don't think there is a book on stop motion set constuction, though there will be a little about the sets, and some backstage shots, in "making of" books like Corpse Bride and Nightmare before Christmas. Material on miniatures for live-action films will also help. Old issues of Cinefex, before so much of it was digital, are good. It doesn't need to be stopmo-specific. It's really about how to create a shape - an 8 inch diameter onion dome shape could be a full size Saracen helmet, or a 1:12 scale dome on a Russian church, and be made exactly the same way. So there isn't much that's unique about making stop motion sets. Just a few things like providing access for the camera and animator, and provision for tiedowns.