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Posted by BLACK_ACID, on 2007-08-04 20:51:19

Buildings & Jungle Type Materials

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites where I could purchase 1:18 scale buildings? Mainly old looking structures you may find in a jungle, and city type buildings. As far as jungle set dressing I was looking for 1:18 scale trees. I saw a bunch of tihngs for train hobbiest who build those realistic looking dioramas, but their scale is too small. I can use the grass, and hills, but the trees are too tiny. I know there are different scale trains, but I cannot find anything on them. Thanks!

Posted by HHaase, on 2007-08-05 16:15:35

For the buildings, I really cant say. But for the trees, some of the best "Jungle" looking stuff that can be found easy would be to check your local pet shop for aquarium plants. There is a big range of different sizes and styles out there, and the different brands range from obviously fake, to very realistic. For the train buildings. Not sure what size the different scales work out to, but the bigger ones are "O" scale as well as "LGB" scale in the train world. -Hans

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-08-05 20:44:56

I suppose you chose 1:18 for the many available car models in that scale? I don't know of any buildings in that scale. You'll have to make all those yourself, just like I do for my 1:24 scale sets for wide shots. Trees can be a made from carefully chosen branches and fake foliage. Materials like chopped foam glued on can give a good impression of foliage, if you don't go too close. They give a better overall look than a few leaves that are obviously overscale, or with a growth pattern that doesn't look right for big trees. Some dried flowers make good looking shrubs and small trees. I also use fake aquarium plants for some small scale plants. There is one large railway scale used for outdoor garden set-ups, but then you'd have real shrubs for trees. In fact I think all the locomotives and cars are probably scratch-built by individuals as well.

Posted by BLACK_ACID, on 2007-08-06 16:34:36

I never thought about pet stores sounds like a great idea. Yes sir Nick H I am still working on my Gi-joe film, and I find that the 1:18 scale has a variety of vehicles sutable for these guys. Right now I have my script done, and planning the look of things. One more thing if you don't mind. A while back I remember discussing wild walls w/ you. I am having trouble figuring out what materials to use for that. I guess the part I am stuck on is what should my base be made of(what kind of wood?) and what material would I want to use for wild walls, and what type of glue? Thanks For You Guy's Help! :7

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-08-06 22:01:05

I use mostly hot glue, because it sticks quick, no clamping and leaving it hours to dry. Hot glue guns are real time savers. Most often, I make a wall for my 1:6 scale sets from 12mm particle board. It can be screwed to another wall at right angles with a philips head screw, which can be easily removed again. Or a couple of dabs of hot glue will do it. If each wall needs to come out, so the walls have to stay up by themselves, I screw a length of 2 x 1 pine (actually 45mm x 19mm) to the back, at the bottom. Then I can screw that strip to the set floor (also a piece of 12mm particle board). Or I can clamp it to the set floor if it's near the edge. This is for an interior set, where you see the room inside, not the outside of the building. Some walls are lighter material, like 12mm thick Triwall corrugated card, or 12mm foamcore. Both of those can be cut with a knife, no saw needed. I hot glue the pine onto them. For smaller scale sets I would usually use something thinner, like 6mm MDF. Foamcore also comes in 6mm and other thicknesses. But I'd do the same thing, screw or glue a bit of wood at the bottom, on the side you don't see, so they can be screwed to the set floor and then removed again. If I had to use something even thinner, like 3mm ply or MDF, I might have a complete frame on the back made from pine. It all depends on whether its stiff enough to hold its shape or it it tends to warp or flap about if I touch it while animating. Probably 1:18 is small enough it would not need framing, not certain because I've never used that scale. Some heavy card can be scored on one side (cut but not all the way through) and it will fold along that line. That makes the corner of a room, and because there are 2 sides it will stand up. My 1:24 scale houses are just card, about 1.2mm thick, scored and bent to form a complete square. There is a piece of 6mm mdf "floor" inside, and the card is hot glued to that. I vacform sheets of brick or weatherboard and spray glue them onto the outside. Window and door frames are strips of thinner card, usually stuck on with pva glue (woodworker's white glue). This would also work for 1:18 buildings.

Posted by BLACK_ACID, on 2007-08-07 17:52:45

Big help thanks!