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Posted by knowme215, on 2007-05-21 08:34:39

need to build a miniature playground.

i go to edinboro university and im doing a traditional ( hand-drawn) animation but im going to build a set and composite my characters in it. the set is going to be a playground, not very big in scale but in relation to the characters, it will be a big playground. i want to do sort of a who framed roger rabbit kind of thing where the 2d- characters may interact with the set, for example, run into the swing and move it. the swing will be animated, the character will be composited. the problem im having is finding a good place to purchace miniature items. and not only that but specifically playground equiptment. i want it to be sort of professional cause im getting to the point where i dont just wanna slap things together anymore. i may have to make the entire playground out of sculpey but it may look shabby cause im no master sculptor. if there were a way to purchase everything that is included in a playground, that'd be sweet. a slide, a swing, one of those things you spin on, some monkey bars, and a couple other things. anyone know of a place where i could find what im looking for, or maybe a better way to go about building it myself. sorry about the long message.

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-05-21 20:30:42

I doubt that you'll find much, you might spend more time searching than it would take to make everything. But check out Barbie-sized plastic toy accessories first, there are things like picnic tables and outdoor chairs, so there might be some playground stuff. I'd go to a few playgrounds and look at construction, mainly to find structures that would be easy to duplicate in miniature. See it as shapes, like flat sheets that are bent, round pipes, logs, square posts. Only actual sculpted and cast shapes with compound curves, like a horse's head on a bouncy riding thing, need to be made from sculpey. Materials to use depends on what tools you have. A lot of the framework for playground equipment is probably steel pipe, so steel or aluminium rod in the right scale diameter would do that. Aluminium is easier to cut and bend into curves. If it's all straight, wooden dowel would do. Big round logs or square posts can be wood. Chains can be found in miniature sizes for junk jewellery. Rope can be string. Most of the stuff will have fairly basic shapes, at least in older playgrounds. Some new ones may use more cast fibreglass sections, which you might need to sculpt and cast. The sliding surface of a slide is probably just a flat strip, bent to a curve near the bottom, with sides. I'd get some silver card for that, or even some aluminium sheet metal. The sides could be cut on a bandsaw from 3mm mdf, or from foamcore if you don't have a saw.

Posted by velvetmaggot, on 2007-05-27 15:33:39

at many hobby shops they have miniature doll houses with very intricate accessories. you may want to look there. alot of there higher end stuff is made to look very real. the only problem may be the size...they are often very very very tiny. but i'm sure at the right shop you can find varieties. if anything it may give you some ideas.

Posted by knowme215, on 2007-05-21 23:00:09

thanks for the reply.i think i would do better just going ahead and building it myself. might be fun. i wasnt even thinking of casting anything but that might be a good for some of the playground pieces. thanks alot

Posted by Nick H, on 2007-05-28 05:49:37

Doll house stuff is 1:12 scale, or an inch to a foot. So a 6 ft tall man puppet is 6 inches high. That's getting pretty small for character animation, if the character is in realistic proportions. It can work if it's cartoony with a bigger head and hands.