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Posted by jriggity, on 2006-12-12 13:53:02

My garage studio in the making!

Hey doods.... I have officially moved my operation into the garage and out of my office......the construction has begun.... we are all parking on the street now.... Here are some pics of the base in progress.... Ill update as the set should be done in less than 2 weeks. My wife is doing most of the work while I concentrate on finishing my last sculpts. just in time for some vacation time. justin

Posted by jriggity, on 2006-12-12 13:54:24

mo pics

Posted by Strider, on 2006-12-14 02:06:16

Hey, nice studio space! Nice table. Nice assistant! ;) I'm getting ready to make my own table soon (gotta do it myself though). I'll be using some gnarly old wood though, so it won't look that good, I just hope it doesn't wobble. Hey, what's the dog pound compound made of? Is that styrofoam? Looks like slabs of concrete!

Posted by jriggity, on 2006-12-14 13:23:26

Ha! its really exciting to have such a big space. really sets you in the mood to work and it kinda make it seem more real. makes ya feel all like a pro...ha! hmmm....someday.....a kid can dream?? the walls are made out of better way to imitate concrete than to use concrete. Im sure you can make a steady table out of crappy wood.... I used to build all kinds of cool junk as a kid from scraps. jriggity

Posted by Nick H, on 2006-12-14 16:39:04

I've got garage envy! How big is that space? I'm planning my studio/workshop, but first I have to get the shed built. It's looking like around US $40,000 for the 4-car garage size thing I have in mind, so I may be stuck in the planning stage for a while... Fortunately I can use my studio at work in the meantime.

Posted by jriggity, on 2006-12-14 16:46:20

Im not quite sure. Its big enough for 2 cars....probably standard 2 car garage. I will have a ton of room for my lights and basic getting around. the set has 3 sections built to it. the cage interior.{through the peoples eyes} the hallway .{throught the dogs pov} down the hallway....{people looking in the other cages} that way I have easy acess to all sections... 3 different lighting setups...that I shouldnt have to change once up. The cage door for the dog interior shots is put on aa hinge my wife built so I can take it down and to reach the dog then put it back up between frames. I cant wait to try this out....see if its gona work.. its pretty tight so I think it will. 40 g is alot of dough!! but its for your dream garage-studio. you know your gona use it. jriggity

Posted by jriggity, on 2006-12-14 17:32:28

Hey guys, I decided today to start a blog....I think its soo cool to see a diary of the progress of a production. I have appreciated and learned a ton from the blogs that have been shared. so heres the begining diary of a long ride to a finished film. jriggity