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Posted by willem, on 2006-09-09 12:57:26

set colour comparison

hi all, I'm definately into stopmo now, for I have a graduation film to make withing the following academical year. The setting's a haunted, ghostly funfair. A bit in the style of the Carnivąle series, but with a hint of gothic. Here's a quick set I've build, as an example for the opening shot's "shady lane". A print of night-sky will be added afterwards, but the copy-center yet have to print it out for me. However, I'm quite fond of how the set came out, for being a hour job. It has a gothic, slightly burtonesque feel and that's what I'm after. I might keep it. so, what version do you prefer? (no photoshopping, just live lights with different colours) so remember that the background will become quite dark, with some moonlight. thanks, Willem

Posted by Anthony M., on 2006-09-09 13:18:48

You have done a good job with your "shady lane" set Willem. It does give a sort of gothic - ghoulish feel to it (I can just picture that night sky backdrop now which would really enhance the feel of it). I liked all your first three pictures, I didn't really like the fourth one because the set became too dark and the orange stood out more to me anyway. Which one was photoshoped? Also are pictures 1 and 3 the same? (I am not a hundred percent sure I think they are). Great job with your set. And good luck with your project. :-) Anthony ©2006 AMM Film Productions

Posted by willem, on 2006-09-09 14:14:48

yup, those are the same, my fault. So there are three to choose from. As I mentioned, none is photoshopped, they're all coloured with lights. I prefer the number 1 (which is number 3, as you mentioned :)) and I like the last one too. the second one is a bit light, and it misses something I think. thanks!

Posted by Anthony M., on 2006-09-09 18:52:37

[div class="dcquote"][strong]Quote[/strong] As I mentioned, none is photoshopped, they're all coloured with lights.[/div] Whoops. I must of miss read your first post (that is why I asked because it did not make sense to me, I didn't know what you meant when you mentioned photoshop). Again, great job with your set. :-) Anthony ©2006 AMM Film Productions

Posted by Strider, on 2006-09-10 00:46:17

Wow, that looks great! You made that in an hour? I can't pick a favorite.... it would depend on what it looks like with the Bg pic in place and everything.

Posted by willem, on 2006-09-10 03:41:37

Thank you! Well, it was rather easy to do. I took some wooden board and cut it to the desired shape. I nailed some blocks under it next. Then I took this hard white foam that's used for house-isolation. The blue one will go allright too. I cut it with a normal stanley-knife in the desired shape and glued it to the sides with woodglue. Next where te branches, which is just some twisted wire in funny, curly shapes. Now the trick of it all: polyfilla indoor filler! Just make quite a thick filler paste and smudgeit over the entire set, to gain a more generic look. The branches need a second layer. Let this set for about twenty minutes, and then go pulling some lines in it with a hard brush, sticks,... Then a layer of black paint and some drybrushes (that's a miniature-painting term, all you do is brush over the area with a brush with most paint whiped off. Only the raised parts catch paint, and they give a highlighted effect.) with lighter hues. There you go :) And with some good music everything goes faster. I believe I had Neil Young Playing. Harvest is a great record :) Cheers!

Posted by Nick H, on 2006-09-10 03:55:38

I liked pictures 1 and 3. I didn't like 2, the pale blue-green one.

Posted by Strider, on 2006-09-10 04:55:51

Yes, Neil Young can help any project go faster! Well, depending on what songs.... he's got some incredibly slow mellow stuff I can't really deal with, but I can listen to his harder stuff all day. Thanks for explaining your setbuilding process.

Posted by Anthony M., on 2006-09-10 11:44:34

Willem, You have done a really good job with building your set and your explanation is equally as good. Thanks so much for sharing! :-) Hey Mike, you think this thread could possibly be added as a link in the Set Building Section in the Handbook? I think it would be a great help for alot of eager newbies wanting to create great looking sets in small amounts of time... Just a suggestion... Anthony ©2006 AMM Film Productions

Posted by willem, on 2006-09-10 12:09:49

wow, thanks a lot! Well, here's a draft version of a car intro in the animation. I have a b&w and a color version. I like both and they both fit the setting I'm filming in. It's a hard thing to choose. But I think I'll stick to the color one. Here ya go: It's low res, ofcourse. cheers, Willem

Posted by Strider, on 2006-09-12 02:56:44

[i]"Hey Mike, you think this thread could possibly be added as a link in the Set Building Section in the Handbook?"[/i] It's a nice idea. I've seen a few things I wish I could add to the Handbook, but unfortunately I can no longer directly access it. When it used to be on the message board I could, but now it's been moved onto the server, and only Anthony can add to or change it. And with him working on Coraline... well, I don't know if you were around here during the production of Corpse Bride, but we didn't hear from him until it was finished... which is totally understandable of course, and to be expected. His energy should be focused totally on the film he's working on. I honesely don't think we can expect to see anything new in the Handbook until Coraline comes out. Tell ya what I'll do though... I'll add this thread to my bookmarks and when Anthony is around these parts again I'll see what can be done.

Posted by Anthony M., on 2006-09-10 12:34:23

I just viewed both versions. Very Cool! Keep up the good work. :-) You can see a more detailed reply I made in your new thread. Anthony ©2006 AMM Film Productions

Posted by willem, on 2006-09-11 11:57:23

you are too kind :) This is still quite rough... see it as a sketch. Now, I've made the first BG, and it has worked out great. the real animating of scene one (the intro with the car) will start after the next weekend I guess. I need to make some close-up set.

Posted by jriggity, on 2006-09-12 00:44:47

Very nice man! Your scene has a ton of flavor... jriggity

Posted by willem, on 2006-09-12 14:23:54

Well, did some screening with the background, and found out I prefer a cold look, using only the blue/green lamp. the combination most of you prefered was a bit "happy and nice", and that's not what I want to reach with the opening scene. The blue lets the moon come out nice , so I'm using that one. I'm making a latex build-up cat at the moment, and a close up scene with animatable trees, who have to wrap around the car. Does anyone have an idea how I can make a "float over the forest" shot, but remaining the good hi-def quality of my digicam photographs? by the way, it's revolution time. I shoot my film with a small digicam, no computer attahed, so no preview. But it's coming along nice, and I have hi-def pics. thanks for all the support. I hope this project will become a nice, beautiful short.