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Posted by xj9000, on 2006-03-14 21:40:07

throwing and catching

yaaaaa another one of my odd questions! okery dokery i am going to shoot a 6 or 7 minute film in the future with the puppets left from my new film for my principal: Day of Destruction (i finaly made the name). so after day of destruction in my short there will be many sport scenes (football, basketball, lacrosse, ect.) so there will be lots of ball throwing. i need to make the impression that the balls are really being thrown. i think for some shots if i show on guy throwing but when the ball leaves his hands the ball is off screen then i could move the angle of the camera so the same thing happens when catching. please note i really dont want to do picture editing right now and i cant do that same trick for every throw. i will need more angles. i'm no wanksta mad chicken productions :-) (-:

Posted by junkycow, on 2006-05-16 17:41:43

well definitely the easiest thing to do would be to use the camera to cut off the "throw" part of the throw, but this could look fakey, in my opinion. fakey = not good. an easy way to do your sports scenes, and include the entire throw, is to make a simple wire-rig-type thing that attaches to the side of the ball. if this rig can be attached to the ground or another part of the set so it is hidden by the ball itself, the throw will look very good. ive done this to simulate an object falling, the same technique could be used for a throw. and I, JACK! the pumpkin king...have grown so tired of the same old thing...

Posted by Strider, on 2006-05-16 18:20:56

I realize this is an old question, and I believe xj9000 has changed his game plan since then, but for the benefit of anyone looking this thread up in the future who might be able to benefit --- Another approach would be to have your puppets standing very close to a wall behind them, and rather than a long piece of wire hidden behinds the ball (which is entirely do-able and an excellent idea by the way) you could just have a piece of funtac or sticky wax to stick it to the wall and be able to move it for each frame. Just another option.

Posted by junkycow, on 2006-05-16 19:03:05

if you're showing them throwing the ball inside, strider's idea is excellent. another thing that ocurred to me is using clay-on-glass, i.e. putting a piece of glass behind the two people throwing the ball and making sure the join at the bottom is hidden and the lights dont reflect, then sticking your ball to this. and I, JACK! the pumpkin king...have grown so tired of the same old thing...

Posted by Nick H, on 2006-05-17 04:13:35

I've used the rod in the wall, hidden by the object, a few times. I also did a test where I substituted a cgi mango for a model mango once it left the hand. With a bit of blur on it you couldn't tell. I've been thinking of how to do a shot of a juggler with 3 balls in the air, and 3 support wires might get tangled, so I was considering other options. Another way is to cut out the ball in Photoshop, and paste it in a different position each frame, on another layer. (I did that with a jumping possum years ago.) Then Flatten Image and save the new frame.