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Posted by animator-arty, on 2005-12-31 11:09:13

my first stopmotion!

i'll be making my own stopmotion film very soon, in january actually. I have done some scetches and tests and so on, and I love the genre! what's goning on for once you reach the real, third year the teachers oblige us to do an abstract stopmotionfilm, based upon a theme.the theme this year is "paper". I got my idea for the film from the shining, actually. the intro-editing is shown year after year, and it has really scarred me(in a good way, offcourse). zo i'll be making a huge decor entirely buildt out af books and magazines. even the tiniest bit of paper i can find will be thrown into that decor. the purpose reallu is to see how far we can stretch that decor. we've decided not to use a leading figure, and rely entirely on the decor to animate. it's going to be a very organic proces. lighting will be very important... i don't want anybody to think of the quay brothers, butt the link is obvious i guess. i am a fan, but I want to avoid any direct link with the odd couple. what i am trying to say... I can pretty much use about every pointer thrown at me, and i want to hear comments. (i'll be posting the storyboard in a while, so keep your eyes open critics :p)

Posted by xj9000, on 2006-03-05 18:28:54

you have a bundle to do. an easier and more likely to get you a higher grade thing to do is to make something like south park. cut up round heads, a small setting, peoples bodys (of course), different mouthing sillables for mouths, and props. you would also need to put the camera right above the action so you can see everything well. you could make a stand like a gallow and put your camera on that. dont make a decor because that would suck terribly. regards mad chicken productions :-) (-:

Posted by animator-arty, on 2006-03-06 18:31:02

i'm sorry, and I just did it, despite the surprisingly low replies on my topic. i know about the way you suggested, papercut animation, i don't know the excact term in english. i already made a film in that style. it doesn't really fit my ambition i'm afraid. about the stopmotion set that i said i was going to build. it really looks amazing! i'm sorry i can't show you yet. butt i'll make sure to post my future website when it finally is completed. you'll be able to see evreything i ever made, so i think you'll understand why i did it. i'm actually trying as many styles as I can, stopmotion can be just a step along the road, or the beginning of a whole new direction in my work. i hope you like the shots. like I said, the theme that is paper, so i tried to make everything in paper maché. and thanx for the reply by the way...

Posted by Phil D, on 2006-03-07 16:02:17

Yeah, please post your films when you can. It's always interesting to see what people are doing, your paper film seems intriguing.