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Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-14 13:12:16

hw abt grass?

alllooo in addition to the rocky ?, hw abt grass? the longer kinds tat we find amongest rocks or in patches on sandy grounds... not the carpet grass kinds....thanz....:7 :7 patience is contentment:+

Posted by Stix, on 2005-09-14 14:15:39

Cut strands of straw from an old broom and bunch it together.

Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2005-09-14 17:45:08

Artificial fur trimmed to make it irregular lengths then cut into various small patches and painted shades of green and brown also can work for grass. If you're animating close to it some spray acrylic could be used to stiffen it up. Might want some dulling spray on hand too. Wah Chang used it in his educational short Dinosaurs: the Terrible Lizards and I used it in a couple of shot in Planet of Dinosaurs.

Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-15 13:13:10

wah...all you guys ideas are really cool and useful esp for landscape builder idiot like me...but i did thought of stealing my mum's old broom except tat in our culture, my mum believes in spirits living in the broom...ha...but guess i be forgiven as slave to our art?! ha.... and yeah all the great ideas using fur and even real grass....will try it out.........thanz a million! you guys really rocks in tis forum man! patience is contentment chelsea.k :+

Posted by Sasquatch, on 2005-09-14 21:18:40

For nice clumps of tall wild grasses like by beaches or whatever- paint brush bristles are incredible. I've seen it used for highly detailed terrain on train sets. Some of the light colored bristles would be the best.

Posted by Strider, on 2005-09-14 23:14:45

No thanks, I gave it up years ago. }( Oh, were you talking about making grass for a stopmo set? Depending on the kind of look you're after, you could get a green terrycloth towel. Or get any color and spraypaint it. That would be for a cartoony sort of look, like Bob the Builder or something. ***EDIT*** I just looked at the question again, and I see my suggestion is completely off the mark. For taller clumps of grass I might actually use... grass. Cut some and let it dry out, then you could paint it.

Posted by Nick H, on 2005-09-14 23:44:27

I use artificial fur, like Jim said. Usually I get a tan or yellowish colour, and maybe airbrush a little green onto it, and cut it into small clumps. But not for my dinosaur scenes, grasses hadn't evolved yet in the cretaceous! Well, not on earth, on Dinosaur Planet who's to say? ;)

Posted by Strider, on 2005-09-15 23:03:42

Well, be sure to get permission from the spirits in the broom first (and perhaps more importantly from your mom!) ;) Otherwise she might be hitting you over the head with the broomstick after you cut all the straw off it.

Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-18 11:32:31

alllooo.... was really excited abt the construction of my grass and rocks after the great pointers form you guys but..sighh....met up with some issues in my office to start construction now..quite a long story but guess starting up something outside offfice hours isnt tat easy...but i would not give up! sorie some complainy stuff here... btw i wish to apologise if i cldnt give much pointers like you guys as i am kinda new to this area... :o patience is contentment chelsea.k

Posted by wherediputit, on 2005-10-16 23:06:52

here is some made for models and stuff.Hope this helps.

Posted by jennelopi, on 2007-03-24 13:59:50

Browsing around for stuff the other day, I found a great item for grass. The soil covers for hanging baskets. The come in all sorts of effects, like moss, grass etc. They are actually made from grassy stuff and look very real on camera! I found them in a local pound store, but I live in England. But just a thought.