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Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-14 13:07:39

anyone ROCKS here?!

Allllooooo can anyone suggests some way of making rocks? probably the more stylised kind? thanz pple.... this forum rocks man! :7 patience is contentment:+

Posted by Stix, on 2005-09-14 14:17:13

You can use clay, paper mache, or plaster, etc.

Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-15 13:19:01

yeah cool! currently trying out...thanz for the reassurance! patience is contentment chelsea.k :+

Posted by Nick H, on 2005-09-15 19:38:13

I've used carved polystyrene foam rocks (in My Left Shoe, first round of Past Events, Archives section at Stopmoshorts), and plaster and hessian over chicken Wire rocks if puppets need to walk on them (Past Events, see still photos that accompany Pride and Precipice in a later round for construction). You can mix materials too. 2 part urethane foam, or even the aerosol can gap filling type, can be poured onto plaster or styrene rocks, then carved back. For a realistic rocky texture you can make a latex mould, then cast plaster reinforced with hessian or fibreglass matting in that.

Posted by Boy Oyng, on 2005-09-15 21:11:56

I was also going to suggest carved foam and the expanding foam from a can (e.g., "Great Stuff," available at hardware stores). You can also use just regular foam rubber: it tears in ways that can look realistic, then paint it over with acrylic. And of course, you can use real rocks if you choose carefully. But if your puppet has to walk on it, it has to be solid, so you'll need something rigid but drillable. Plaster. B

Posted by Sock Puppet, on 2005-09-16 23:22:21

i recommend the polystyrene blue/pink insulation foam you can get in sheets from home depot/lowes. cut it, carve it up with a hot knife, or make breaks in it by hand. whatever. use some plaster to cover it, and paint. i have also used burlap and chicken wire. then cover with plaster/paint.

Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-18 11:40:01

yeah! plaster and foam works real well for the kind of stylised rocks i need! i did some "steps-like" textures on the plaster...used real rocks as the inside; just to get the basic shape and i guess save some materials..ha...foam's good for the inside too... as i stay in singapore--a country with limited construction materials like these, i felt quite lost sometimes..and frankly speaking, i dun know most of the materials you guys mentioned sometimes...gosh...guess i have lots to learn from you pple...:9 patience is contentment chelsea.k :+

Posted by TheChosenOne, on 2005-09-19 19:52:21

You can check your local pet store for fake rocks in the fish tank section and snake/lizard section, its also a good place to find other small props and background prints. "Lights,Camera,Action"

Posted by 240380, on 2005-09-21 09:31:32

Good idea! thanz! tried air brushing my plaster rocks yesterday...haven had much experience wif air brushing...wanted a more stylised look...still any pointers? patience is contentment chelsea.k :+

Posted by Boy Oyng, on 2005-09-21 10:23:03

Can you show us an example of what you're looking for? Stylized can mean so many things. There's cartoon stylized or there's expressionist stylized or... My only pointer is to make sure you don't think you're done painting the rocks (or any other set piece) until you've been able to photograph them under lighting similar to what you'll have in your real show. Something that may look good in your hand under a desk lamp may be totally washed out when photographed under your lights, and details you work carefully on may not show up at all on camera. B P.S. A lot of the materials people are talking about here would be available in some form in Singapore. For example, you could use the styrofoam packing materials that protect televisions and computers and so on. Chop it up, glue it together, use a rasp to file it down...