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Dynamation Book coming soon it seems
Posted by monkeyjb1988, on 2012-06-05 19:51:55

Colossa a Spanish Harryhausen fanzine
Posted by Berengario, on 2012-05-27 12:19:15

The FXRH Collection - Available for Pre-Orders
Posted by Ernie Farino, on 2012-05-08 20:53:18

help about the book, please?
Posted by little_numbers, on 2012-04-13 17:46:06

Stop-motion filming/cinemaphotography
Posted by jpolacchi, on 2012-02-11 15:43:35

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation: Kindle & e-Book Editions
Posted by MadKAP, on 2012-02-07 20:17:09

"The FXRH Collection" - Kickstarter financing proposal
Posted by Ernie Farino, on 2012-01-28 23:34:52

CineMagic: A Blast From The Past!
Posted by McTodd, on 2011-12-27 11:47:03

Jim Danforth's book - comments and discussion
Posted by grecodan, on 2011-11-18 01:44:52

Stop Motion Magazine Issue 13 out now!
Posted by Nick H, on 2011-11-15 22:09:30

Jim Danforth's New Book Being Released!!!!
Posted by catizone, on 2011-11-06 23:36:05

New Book by Tom Gasek
Posted by CurlyMushroom, on 2011-10-30 08:10:23

Mark Sawicki's Book - Animating with SMP v7
Posted by A Nine Inch Ego, on 2011-10-19 07:53:28

Stop Motion Magazine Issue #12 Now Available
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2011-08-20 20:34:08

New book on Orville Goldner/King Kong
Posted by catizone, on 2011-07-04 07:15:15

Ray's new Fantasy Scrapbook
Posted by catizone, on 2011-06-19 23:13:12

Japan Issue of Stop Motion Magazine Available Now!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2011-05-27 22:45:43

Artist Joan Steiner
Posted by Stix, on 2011-05-19 11:59:09

Stop Motion Magazine April 2011 Issue!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2011-04-24 22:51:08

War Eagles: The Unmaking of an Epic...
Posted by war eagles guy, on 2011-02-07 01:22:34

A really good stop motion book video
Posted by rugbybudy, on 2011-02-04 07:25:55

The making of The Empire Strikes Back
Posted by trog338, on 2011-01-11 08:57:50

Am chuffed!
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2011-01-10 11:55:26

More "Ray" in 3D
Posted by Fabber one, on 2011-01-01 23:15:01

Master of the Majicks Vol 3 Arrives!
Posted by catizone, on 2010-12-17 18:01:36

SMM Harryhausen Issue Now Available!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-12-12 00:36:41

Puppets & Clay, the Spanish fanzine about stop-motion, is out.
Posted by gog, on 2010-12-01 06:17:49

Master of the Majicks volume 2
Posted by filmfan, on 2010-11-24 08:56:55

Great book referance
Posted by Greyguy, on 2010-11-02 18:44:02

Stop Motion Magazine August 2010 Issue now available!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-10-18 00:20:09

The Legendary Lydeckers (new book!)
Posted by shonokin, on 2010-09-10 12:07:11

Master of the Majicks vol 3
Posted by grecodan, on 2010-09-05 23:31:41

Stop Motion Magazine June Issue Available Now!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-08-17 12:17:45

Uncle Ray's new book
Posted by grecodan, on 2010-06-19 01:36:50

Stop Motion Magazine June Delays!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-06-09 15:31:33

Ray's models found in garage
Posted by catizone, on 2010-06-06 09:29:25

Animation Journal
Posted by mattosaurus, on 2010-05-24 23:53:21

The ADVANCED Art of Stop-Motion Animation by Ken A. Priebe
Posted by MadKAP, on 2010-05-21 02:20:58

Closeup Magazine
Posted by idragosani, on 2010-05-09 08:00:02

Stop Motion Magazine Issue #5 is now available!!!
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-04-16 18:20:16

ANIMATED PERFORMANCE: New book on animation coming this July
Posted by idragosani, on 2010-03-27 12:10:50

Stop Motion Monsters of Filmland
Posted by gog, on 2010-03-09 08:25:58

Filmed in Supermarionation
Posted by shonokin, on 2010-02-27 00:45:04

Gumby Issue of Stop Motion Magazine - Free Download Now
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2010-02-11 22:00:55

BARRY PURVES BOOK : Basics Animation: Stop-motion
Posted by Yagan, on 2010-02-04 05:51:50

Looking for Stop Motion Blogs
Posted by MadKAP, on 2009-12-12 16:04:36

Stop Motion Magazine Issue#3 December 2009
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2009-12-10 19:50:53

New Barry Purves book
Posted by Nick H, on 2009-11-06 15:57:25

Fantastic Mr Fox book
Posted by Nick H, on 2009-11-03 02:24:52

New Stop Motion Book in the works
Posted by MadKAP, on 2009-10-17 12:54:52

Stop Motion Magazine Issue #2 Is now available
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2009-10-10 13:19:34

Stop Motion Magazine issue #2 release date
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2009-10-04 22:12:08

Cinemagic #28
Posted by MadKAP, on 2009-09-08 19:51:35

Articles of Magazines!
Posted by gog, on 2009-09-03 09:33:48

Movie Maker magazine
Posted by filmfan, on 2009-07-03 15:27:38

Coraline book out
Posted by Nick H, on 2009-05-25 18:44:49

Stop Motion Magazine Announcement!!!! Coming August 2009
Posted by Rocketspaceboy, on 2009-04-19 23:49:05

"Majicks" now available at The Cinema Store, London
Posted by Ernie Farino, on 2009-04-15 11:45:04

Coraline production book?
Posted by catizone, on 2009-01-24 07:39:15

harryhausen "century of stop motion..."
Posted by flux, on 2009-01-10 02:03:36

German book on Willis O'Brien
Posted by Kong33, on 2009-01-04 16:33:22

Beginner's Animation by Mary Murray
Posted by mattosaurus, on 2008-12-15 14:49:49

Ray's new book
Posted by trog338, on 2008-11-29 11:02:20

Jim Danforth's autobiography
Posted by Dylan, on 2008-11-17 21:56:56

New William Stout book Intro by Ray
Posted by shonokin, on 2008-11-17 10:53:27

shmiminashies book is out.
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2008-11-11 05:50:23

Excerpt from new Majicks book online!
Posted by filmfan, on 2008-10-02 20:44:04

Ray Harryhausen's reaction to 'Master of the Majicks'
Posted by Ernie Farino, on 2008-09-25 12:13:31

Ray Harryhausen-Master of the Magics is shipping now!!!
Posted by catizone, on 2008-09-14 17:54:54

Shmiminashie's book - pre-order on Amazon.
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2008-09-04 11:05:59

Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2008-09-01 17:06:38

Como se hizo el enigma del chico croqueta (making the Croquette Boy )
Posted by gog, on 2008-08-21 10:40:01

[Announcement] Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks, Vol. 2
Posted by Ernie Farino, on 2008-07-30 18:34:31

Scanned Cimemagic Articles
Posted by Dan R Stevenson, on 2008-07-02 13:02:47

Ray Harryhausen-Mastert of the Majicks
Posted by DWV, on 2008-07-02 11:47:20

The essential Stop Motion books
Posted by gog, on 2008-06-25 14:48:43

Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters
Posted by Mike, on 2008-04-26 08:34:29

A new book from Ray
Posted by trog338, on 2008-04-25 09:58:53

Permission to use some information in my book.
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2008-04-22 10:17:13

Yuriy Norshteyn's new book - taking pre-orders
Posted by Esn, on 2008-03-29 22:48:30

New Edition of Stop Motion, Craft Skills.....Out Now!
Posted by Susannah, on 2008-02-26 08:32:03

fxrh and the harryhausen book
Posted by kinski, on 2008-01-17 07:12:17

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation, Second Edition
Posted by Toggo, on 2008-01-01 19:05:54

Sort of a stop motion book....
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2007-11-12 11:24:26

Century 21 FX Unseen Untold Book
Posted by shonokin, on 2007-11-03 20:16:34

Barry Purves book release date?
Posted by neilbunyip, on 2007-09-28 20:46:54

Secrets of Oscar winning Animation
Posted by Nick H, on 2007-08-19 23:58:03

animation books
Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2007-08-16 15:46:34

inverse kinematics
Posted by freesurfjo, on 2007-07-11 09:22:21

FilmFax 113 & 114 (Land of the Lost articles)
Posted by shonokin, on 2007-05-24 20:22:24

16mm stop motion for beginners
Posted by lou, on 2007-05-01 12:48:48

Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet animation
Posted by Esn, on 2007-04-19 23:00:25

book status
Posted by kinski, on 2007-03-21 08:58:20

Creature Sculpting maquette DVD by the sculptor of Dragonheart
Posted by bonedog, on 2007-03-16 18:09:18

Barry Purves' book
Posted by David Rosler, on 2007-03-07 21:39:53

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-rabbit book
Posted by greenbean, on 2007-01-22 13:32:06

armature machining books
Posted by mordantae, on 2007-01-04 03:56:19

Animator's Survival Kit
Posted by Sprzout, on 2006-12-28 01:36:34

Cinefex magazine
Posted by vince91, on 2006-12-12 19:54:06

Demon Shadow/ In Darkness It Dwells/ Joe Laudati
Posted by joelaudati33, on 2006-08-21 16:25:01

Animation: Mechanics of Motion
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2006-08-17 17:14:34

Demon Shadow
Posted by Stop-Mo Pho, on 2006-08-12 18:19:38

Not a Stop-Motion Book per se
Posted by Stop-Mo Pho, on 2006-07-09 12:46:34

And another Book....
Posted by Barry Purves, on 2006-07-09 07:24:46

My first novel now available
Posted by MovieStuff, on 2006-07-08 09:35:54

New Stop Motion Book available July 18!
Posted by MadKAP, on 2006-06-14 14:57:49

help with the name of a old little book.
Posted by RavenstarStudio, on 2006-06-10 22:45:58

Ray Harryhausen Book: Printer's Errors?
Posted by amphiboid, on 2006-05-23 13:52:20

The Corpse Bride production book
Posted by David Rosler, on 2006-02-05 18:19:12

Tom's 3rd Vol - filming and performance
Posted by Nick H, on 2006-01-30 00:29:22

Another Kong book
Posted by David Rosler, on 2006-01-20 22:26:16

"Animator's Survival Kit" on sale at Amazon
Posted by DaveHettmer, on 2006-01-09 10:00:19

New Stop Motion Book
Posted by MadKAP, on 2006-01-04 18:56:59

Beating The Devil
Posted by David Rosler, on 2005-12-15 02:19:16

Anyone here read David O. Selzicks's Hollywood?
Posted by filmfan, on 2005-11-29 20:57:49

Corpes Bride book
Posted by Greyguy, on 2005-11-04 07:05:06

Art of Ray Harryhausen
Posted by catizone, on 2005-11-02 10:04:55

New Book:Making of King Kong
Posted by catizone, on 2005-10-31 16:21:59

Stop motion for kids?
Posted by Andy Skinner, on 2005-09-21 13:07:14

The Dinosaur Filmography
Posted by DinoFilmo, on 2005-08-29 20:51:58

Amazing Indian claymation
Posted by nimaana, on 2005-08-27 03:18:48

Corpse Bride book
Posted by flux, on 2005-08-24 21:01:43

Sexy new book.
Posted by shmiminashie, on 2005-08-23 09:04:05

Jim Danforth's book
Posted by mattosaurus, on 2005-08-16 23:09:13

Convert Your Animation To a Flip Book
Posted by okay007, on 2005-05-03 21:43:52

The Art of Ray Harryhausen
Posted by catizone, on 2005-02-26 12:08:31

Anatomy refrence book?
Posted by jamesride101, on 2005-01-30 21:58:59

Has anyone read Tom Briertons new book about puppet making?
Posted by totoro, on 2004-12-09 13:19:13

Any feedback regarding my book?
Posted by saurian_man, on 2004-12-02 14:34:19

KONG: King of Skull Island
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2004-11-22 20:45:10

Anybody got "Animation in the Home Digital Studio" ?
Posted by Strider, on 2004-11-09 23:35:53

Other good book material???
Posted by jpolacchi, on 2004-11-08 00:05:59

Want Old Stop Motion Book
Posted by Puppetgirl, on 2004-10-16 10:55:53

Posted by Buzby, on 2004-09-07 04:17:32

Stop-Motion Puppet Sculpting: A Manual of Foam ??
Posted by meles, on 2004-07-01 07:35:27

Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2004-06-08 13:11:14

New Article on Ray
Posted by catizone, on 2004-06-04 17:55:39

Monsters from the Vault featuring KONG in JUNE
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2004-05-31 23:45:06

Animation Unlimited... - book+DVD
Posted by varvarusa, on 2004-05-11 03:22:21

Posted by saurian_man, on 2004-04-20 04:24:37

cinemagic magazine
Posted by goriddle, on 2004-04-19 13:55:55

Animation Magazines
Posted by marshalldylan1, on 2004-04-12 13:56:25

Posted by Yagan, on 2003-11-18 18:20:11

french book :: STOP MOTION by Gilles penso (ed. Dreamland)
Posted by Yagan, on 2003-11-13 11:11:13

Effets Speciaux by Pascal Pinteau
Posted by webster_c, on 2003-11-12 19:03:48

Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life
Posted by catizone, on 2003-10-30 13:38:43

Ray harryhausen book: An Animated Life
Posted by Anderson, on 2003-09-25 11:24:23

Posted by saurian_man, on 2003-06-29 13:17:17

Animation Magazine
Posted by 1, on 2003-06-09 07:46:56

Books on Animation
Posted by Levi, on 2003-05-25 08:02:17

Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2003-05-22 18:11:32

Tom's Armature Book
Posted by cm, on 2003-05-19 00:02:50

Posted by StopmoGR, on 2003-05-16 21:14:42

S.S. Wilson's Puppets and People
Posted by Anderson, on 2003-05-14 08:58:56

Clash of the Titans Photobook
Posted by catizone, on 2003-05-02 18:22:23

Books on stop-motion
Posted by Dreamspy, on 2003-05-02 14:27:11

Silicone Art by Tom Mclaughlin
Posted by cm, on 2003-04-26 03:34:20

Tortoise and the Hare article in American Cinematographer
Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2003-04-03 13:51:00

stop motion book
Posted by Susannah, on 2003-03-07 08:53:24

Cinemagic #7
Posted by 1, on 2003-02-26 16:27:17

Chicken Run, Hatching the Movie
Posted by cm, on 2003-02-17 19:58:48

New stop motion book
Posted by Anderson, on 2003-02-14 17:40:30

2D Animation
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2003-02-07 22:19:22

Special Visual Effects by Jack Imes Jr.
Posted by GWANGI, on 2003-01-17 17:43:11

barry Purves stop-mo book
Posted by barry purves, on 2002-11-18 10:30:59

Paul Mandell's stop-motion movie articles?
Posted by the kongologist, on 2002-11-07 23:01:47

Illusion of Life Available !
Posted by catizone, on 2002-11-05 12:33:22

fxrh book
Posted by kinski, on 2002-10-11 07:53:21

Spawn of Skull Island
Posted by Dylan, on 2002-10-03 01:08:39

"The Invisible Art - Legends of Movie Matte Painting"
Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2002-09-11 00:36:51

"Big dollars in stop motion animation" ?????
Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2002-09-09 00:41:52

Ub Iwerks - "The Hand Behind the Mouse"
Posted by Jim Aupperle, on 2002-07-15 08:37:53

A How to Video on Puppetmaking
Posted by Kay Zee, on 2002-07-10 08:23:48

Timing for Animation.....back in print.....
Posted by StopMoWorks, on 2002-06-24 04:05:27

Creating 3-D Animation.....No More
Posted by StopMoWorks, on 2002-06-19 17:09:54

Marcel Delgado Article
Posted by Stix, on 2002-04-22 08:36:26

Richard William's book: which ISBN?
Posted by N, on 2002-04-09 13:41:36

Wah Chang book
Posted by Anderson, on 2002-03-08 21:47:23

Whatever happened to Paul Mandell?
Posted by Mike, on 2001-12-05 13:57:10

Animator's Survival Kit
Posted by Nick H, on 2001-11-20 00:20:02

The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass
Posted by gaijinking, on 2001-10-04 00:25:18

clay animation
Posted by frierson, on 2001-09-15 09:36:33

An atlas of animal anatomy for artists
Posted by ThomasArts, on 2001-08-13 06:26:23

Famous Monsters #235
Posted by Dylan, on 2001-07-27 22:35:25

Book on Matte Paintings by Mark Cotta Vaz
Posted by Dylan, on 2001-05-14 15:02:57

Any Books
Posted by Dracula32084, on 2001-05-12 02:03:23

Posted by e_rex, on 2001-04-10 23:31:39

fresh water for fish?
Posted by Terroryawn (Guest), on 2001-03-25 20:22:33

Toms book
Posted by Mike Weldon (Guest), on 2001-03-25 20:18:32

Update on Stop Motion Book
Posted by Tim Fancy (Guest), on 2001-03-25 11:28:27

Star Wars:Chronicles
Posted by HOOJIB (Guest), on 2001-03-25 10:24:02

Posted by Tim Fancy (Guest), on 2001-03-25 10:22:22

Helpful Books
Posted by Jim Aupperle (Guest), on 2001-03-25 09:55:05

Stopmotion Book
Posted by Thomas'Arts (Guest), on 2001-03-25 09:54:13

Armature Books
Posted by Grayson Gary (Guest), on 2001-03-25 01:43:19

Update on Stop Motion Book
Posted by Tim Fancy (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:25:04

Timing for Animation
Posted by StopMoDan (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:24:11

Dinosaur Summer
Posted by Nick H (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:23:06

Make-A-Saurus by Brain Cooley
Posted by Angilas guy (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:22:16

Special FX History & Technique
Posted by Nick H (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:21:17

Special Visual Effects
Posted by Mike J. (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:20:13

Marc Spess : Claymation How-To
Posted by Thomas'Arts (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:12:12

The StopMotion Filmography
Posted by Thomas'Arts (Guest), on 2001-03-17 13:11:03