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Great resources for music, sound etc
Posted by mefull, on 2012-06-05 10:23:05

Narration Recording Without Microphone
Posted by Yorwick, on 2012-05-29 00:50:14

Experimental/pop soundtracks/licensing
Posted by prammaven, on 2012-03-04 17:31:32

Male voice needed for a short student film
Posted by B and B Studios, on 2012-02-27 13:20:28

Need someone to do voice overs
Posted by kirbybirby, on 2012-01-11 22:40:40

Offering Sound Design and Mixing
Posted by roland5, on 2012-01-03 06:06:55

Dragonframe sound glitch?
Posted by glenglen, on 2011-11-19 03:13:40

Free music!
Posted by idragosani, on 2011-10-05 21:38:36

sound design- book
Posted by prammaven, on 2011-05-05 07:34:16

LipSynch Pro software
Posted by Nick H, on 2011-04-15 04:40:18

Music composer ready to work on your animation.
Posted by Piotr Kubiak, on 2011-04-11 13:18:20

Foley effect collection
Posted by Not_Triangles, on 2011-04-06 18:49:48

ASCAP, BMI licencees for my short movie
Posted by GuilleGalli, on 2011-03-25 16:57:23

Compose songs for my (commercial?) animated short film?
Posted by GuilleGalli, on 2011-03-12 14:31:19

Posted by JeNnDyLyOn, on 2011-03-07 18:54:42 :: Connecting Music & Media
Posted by, on 2011-01-31 18:21:43

Music available
Posted by NeomerArcana, on 2010-12-01 03:19:01

Frenchy Sound Engineer !
Posted by LLDS, on 2010-11-20 10:57:54

Need help finding musics for my animation
Posted by Justice4158, on 2010-11-05 10:45:10

Copyrights, license, remake, parody, etc...
Posted by Vincetetreault, on 2010-09-06 21:50:48

Need a 'non-American' who can do a voice over
Posted by shakycow, on 2010-08-06 03:24:13

Posted by Bradysdreaming, on 2010-07-08 17:50:34

New voice samples for trailers
Posted by idragosani, on 2010-06-13 09:28:49

Copyright restrictions
Posted by legomation guy, on 2010-05-17 21:23:48

New composer offering services for free
Posted by brokkel, on 2010-05-11 17:33:22

audiobook copyrights...
Posted by steamduck, on 2010-05-08 06:43:51

Quality recorder on a budget
Posted by prammaven, on 2010-05-01 16:31:05

Sound design in The Mercury Men
Posted by shonokin, on 2010-04-22 10:30:17

Music for my short
Posted by Warhead, on 2010-04-18 16:51:47

Posted by prammaven, on 2010-04-15 16:34:52

animals talk?
Posted by draco234, on 2010-03-30 08:10:45

Posted by Jan, on 2010-03-17 18:58:39

Posted by jpolacchi, on 2010-03-04 22:37:17

Bernard Herrmann/Ray Harryhausen question if anyone knows
Posted by Mike, on 2010-02-24 09:24:36

Voices for Interview with a Human(AKA Project Extra Terrestrial)
Posted by Warhead, on 2010-01-10 10:13:21

sound problems
Posted by Eli, on 2010-01-08 03:37:56

I need a composer
Posted by castlegardener, on 2009-11-22 21:16:55

Voice Actors wanted for stop-mo horror film
Posted by september, on 2009-10-29 17:23:53

Call for voice actors!
Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2009-10-25 18:33:52

Munchhausen voice actors?
Posted by Anim8tor Fish, on 2009-10-17 11:19:30

Newbie needing sound
Posted by Doubleo-, on 2009-07-28 08:53:25

Removing "tin can" effect?
Posted by DaveHettmer, on 2009-07-18 08:40:32

Audacity can export mp3's
Posted by castlegardener, on 2009-07-10 15:21:56

Sharing a wav file?
Posted by castlegardener, on 2009-07-10 13:11:16

Lip synch help anyone?
Posted by Charli Dee, on 2009-07-03 17:52:08

anyone need a composer?
Posted by musicinmind3, on 2009-06-26 22:40:36

Download Youtube video audio?
Posted by Nick H, on 2009-06-21 22:21:02

Composer offered for O.S.T.
Posted by kopoge, on 2009-06-21 11:17:02

moral support
Posted by prammaven, on 2009-05-23 09:37:48

Best Inexpensive Way Of recording Voices
Posted by jordanuk, on 2009-05-12 06:12:12

need original music for your animation?
Posted by emmalinesmusic, on 2009-04-28 15:28:10

contact Maurice LaMarche?
Posted by chimpy, on 2009-03-06 13:29:03

Voices needed for Blue Alien Summer
Posted by prammaven, on 2009-03-04 11:29:19

Help with a music video
Posted by raac, on 2009-03-03 06:18:26

Coraline soundtack out now
Posted by prammaven, on 2009-02-03 08:54:50

Have you used USB Microphones?
Posted by wojo723, on 2009-01-27 04:12:10

Composer Available
Posted by Damian, on 2009-01-24 22:53:47

lip-sync test-snodgrass
Posted by egendron, on 2009-01-13 16:29:11

soundtrack for "The Sword, the Stone, a King"
Posted by Jan, on 2009-01-03 10:25:08

Some samples of my current work
Posted by Jan, on 2008-12-23 19:35:13

sound expert
Posted by prammaven, on 2008-11-09 22:45:24

Audio Clip for Practice
Posted by madair, on 2008-10-31 10:38:32

music sync help
Posted by leedeep, on 2008-10-27 09:17:21

Voice-actors for 'The Sword, the Stone, a King'
Posted by Nofby, on 2008-10-12 13:35:53

Filmmusic composer available: new sample of my work
Posted by Jan, on 2008-09-11 10:40:47

Web site for free SFX and music loops
Posted by philbhunter, on 2008-07-27 23:18:59

Composer available
Posted by Jan, on 2008-07-25 09:44:49

Composer offering free compositions scoring of animations...
Posted by Subjekt, on 2008-07-03 09:10:27

Program close to Garage Band?
Posted by B and B Studios, on 2008-06-16 19:47:32

Looking for portable sound recording device.
Posted by Scrat, on 2008-06-09 21:38:41

I need a program to adjust the puppets' movements to songs.
Posted by t3h WC, on 2008-06-07 05:05:49

How do I get permission to use a few songs?
Posted by B and B Studios, on 2008-05-16 17:29:16

Sound design and music for your short film!
Posted by idragosani, on 2008-04-09 08:33:14

synchronize music to stopmotion with processing
Posted by avi.Selch, on 2008-04-09 04:32:26

Cool Music
Posted by septwes, on 2008-04-06 21:22:33

Do pro animators create their own sound effects?
Posted by septwes, on 2008-04-02 23:00:17

ADR in stopmotion?
Posted by prammaven, on 2008-02-10 12:29:21

Lip sync
Posted by Mr_Radical, on 2008-02-09 07:03:33

Creating room tone for animated film
Posted by prammaven, on 2008-02-08 08:06:02

composer looking for projects to expand his showreel
Posted by dlee, on 2008-01-10 16:14:26

Creative Challenge: Animate to existing music...
Posted by Chris Armstrong, on 2008-01-06 07:37:18

text to speach software
Posted by kodama, on 2007-12-13 12:08:18

Magpie or other waveform printing software?
Posted by leevi, on 2007-12-11 15:45:29

Pro - Composer and SMA Fan is looking for projects
Posted by Lars Deutsch, on 2007-12-10 19:09:14

can anyone do an itallian accent?
Posted by I_make_cartoons, on 2007-12-09 10:40:25

sound effects
Posted by greendog, on 2007-11-27 20:28:56

Composer looking for projects
Posted by dlee, on 2007-11-27 04:39:16

composer available
Posted by sashqxxx, on 2007-10-29 05:15:47

How Do I Put Lip Sync On A Film
Posted by connorgorman, on 2007-10-22 09:29:40

Composer Available- Dark instrumental music
Posted by feudalsys, on 2007-10-14 16:17:31

how to make audio sound old
Posted by patman, on 2007-09-30 22:17:17

Music by MOBY available to Filmmakers
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2007-09-24 21:23:55

Free Atmospheric Music Loops.
Posted by equinoxsounds, on 2007-08-02 04:18:39

Sound Resources For Your Projects
Posted by Seba, on 2007-07-17 13:22:45

How to record quiet foley in a noisy room
Posted by prammaven, on 2007-07-15 08:34:31

Free Multimedia Ambient Loops
Posted by equinoxsounds, on 2007-07-05 11:30:11

designing the background audio track?
Posted by prammaven, on 2007-06-28 19:58:30

Just got a new mic.
Posted by Sodaphobia, on 2007-06-22 21:13:47

Sound Designer/Foley
Posted by lagaa, on 2007-04-12 23:52:58

Posted by irvind, on 2007-04-11 20:11:20

Lip-sync without software
Posted by planet jp, on 2007-02-02 07:46:35

Question about Vocals and sound effects...
Posted by aryanaco, on 2007-01-31 14:35:37

Fleximusic - might be good sound editors
Posted by Strider, on 2007-01-30 04:06:21

would our bands music fit your films?
Posted by diegosnail, on 2007-01-18 07:39:10

Recorded the Voiceover for my film!!!
Posted by jriggity, on 2007-01-11 03:15:40

Original Soundtracks & Composition
Posted by Andrea Caro, on 2007-01-09 05:18:08

File Converter
Posted by Mouseketeer1014, on 2006-12-31 19:50:57

Lip sync
Posted by animator_girl, on 2006-12-30 13:18:00

glitchy program
Posted by mouse1014, on 2006-12-28 09:49:12

Free Sound Project
Posted by laurenmac, on 2006-12-28 07:52:21

GearWire - information resource
Posted by Yuji, on 2006-12-18 06:51:55

Music video
Posted by Bertie Buck, on 2006-12-16 05:27:16

Order of lipsync operations?
Posted by animator_girl, on 2006-11-21 19:05:46

The Lipsync Plan....
Posted by AgainstTheGrain, on 2006-11-05 10:52:05

Mouths for cut-out animation
Posted by astigma, on 2006-10-24 02:54:54

Music Composer Available
Posted by danthemusicman, on 2006-10-12 13:09:26

Soundtrack needed
Posted by DementedMovies, on 2006-10-10 12:25:12

Scoring for film
Posted by ojl, on 2006-10-07 19:46:16

What sound program/s are best for editing audio? Windows
Posted by VonDoom, on 2006-08-19 08:55:50

sound on super 8
Posted by ChazzaPlaya, on 2006-08-19 07:00:54

Music Recording without the instruments
Posted by LondonBusChaser, on 2006-07-26 16:27:28

Posted by BLACK_ACID, on 2006-07-24 12:27:11

no sound on Quicktime Pro
Posted by Toggo, on 2006-07-09 21:47:11

master mix is quiet :(
Posted by prammaven, on 2006-06-27 08:17:35

Help, my soundtrack is dead!
Posted by prammaven, on 2006-06-25 13:39:44

Posted by BLACK _ACID, on 2006-06-20 02:44:11

Posted by Jenkin, on 2006-06-18 03:58:23

New music for films
Posted by tripnikk, on 2006-06-17 10:54:23

old time audio affect
Posted by TempestGiovanni, on 2006-06-15 11:37:52

sound effects
Posted by xj9000, on 2006-06-04 17:40:03

FREE Audio Editor for PC "The Reaper"
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2006-05-26 11:06:03

Software for adding Lip Sync!?
Posted by SpaceCadet, on 2006-05-08 15:39:15

classical music policys
Posted by life, on 2006-04-22 14:28:27

sound recording software
Posted by xj9000, on 2006-04-19 17:45:53

Sound Recording Equipment
Posted by Monk, on 2006-03-22 00:39:51

Posted by xj9000, on 2006-03-19 09:57:00

in need of sounds for lights & shadows
Posted by life, on 2006-03-11 13:28:59

Return to Oz: A New Show on Disney's 1985 RETURN TO OZ MOVIE
Posted by videosforfamily, on 2006-03-06 12:25:45

LIghtsaber sound
Posted by Anthony M., on 2006-03-05 07:02:57

best dust protection - DUCKBILL
Posted by joe8hammer, on 2006-03-02 00:16:47

Posted by slothpaladin, on 2006-02-22 04:08:09

Offering Free Vocals
Posted by lord_tici_taci, on 2006-02-13 17:44:17

Specific sound needed
Posted by cornflake, on 2006-02-07 11:02:58

music music music music
Posted by notimefortalent, on 2006-01-30 23:13:34

Offering my services..
Posted by yogisan, on 2006-01-30 18:59:25

Otherworldly Vocals?
Posted by lord_tici_taci, on 2006-01-06 14:37:57

4/4 Rock / Power Chords free to use
Posted by Gunz McGraw, on 2005-12-14 11:31:01

I need a voice!
Posted by Emile, on 2005-12-11 16:41:19

Software to assist with lip syncronization?
Posted by risekevin, on 2005-12-10 21:55:19

My Free Christmas iPod Video
Posted by jonson, on 2005-12-10 08:19:43

Experience in Film Scores.....would like to score an animated film.
Posted by LilBoogie, on 2005-11-22 15:17:53

Recording music
Posted by mark6418, on 2005-11-06 01:40:51

Sound files
Posted by patrickdorian, on 2005-09-21 14:26:36

Software for mixing audio and video
Posted by DaveHettmer, on 2005-09-17 10:29:10

Hear that?
Posted by StopMoWorks, on 2005-08-27 00:09:45

Let ME score your film!
Posted by Dexter273, on 2005-08-24 19:14:44

Royalty free music sites
Posted by greencat, on 2005-08-04 16:01:20

Sound designer available
Posted by Pete_Ward, on 2005-07-27 08:37:59

Free soundtrack for your film
Posted by Savage Membrane, on 2005-07-27 03:13:55

Composer available
Posted by richard75, on 2005-07-19 12:42:00

Music for your animations
Posted by richard75, on 2005-07-06 06:43:35

Posted by Ress, on 2005-07-05 17:18:54

Great Sound Resource Site
Posted by fairbanks, on 2005-07-03 15:47:28

NEW Lipsync MX
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2005-07-02 00:59:43

Harryhausen Cyclops
Posted by DWV, on 2005-05-30 23:33:31

Sound Designer looking for projects
Posted by adamcarless, on 2005-05-26 09:12:03

Composer/sound design/voiceover specialist
Posted by redstar, on 2005-05-19 20:49:29

Sound to Movie Syncronization
Posted by Sonar, on 2005-05-19 20:30:59

Sound Designer looking for work experience
Posted by Barry Norman, on 2005-05-08 04:04:11

Solid State Portable Recorders
Posted by Yuji, on 2005-05-02 08:40:14

Scary Music
Posted by ingkavet, on 2005-04-12 11:09:48

Posted by gigawatt, on 2005-03-22 06:42:25

free music composer available
Posted by chazmanda, on 2005-03-14 15:21:09

Another round of dumb questions
Posted by m and j, on 2005-03-07 23:30:35

Powerful new sound features in iMovie
Posted by Strider, on 2005-02-15 07:32:44

Synchronizing On-Screen Action to Music!?
Posted by SpaceCadet, on 2005-02-08 12:37:53

Music to License
Posted by Sevandija, on 2005-02-07 11:15:05

Recording in Cubase LE
Posted by Strider, on 2005-02-04 21:27:21

What Else
Posted by beatcatcher04, on 2005-02-03 22:28:54

Foot Steps
Posted by Jurassic Josh, on 2005-01-30 17:42:01

A beginner stuck with sound effects..wanna help ?
Posted by Reem23, on 2005-01-29 08:48:13

damn, I can't think of a subject heading.........
Posted by Savage Membrane, on 2005-01-18 03:12:46

Sythesizing software on a budget...
Posted by JCLU27Panda, on 2004-11-19 19:41:39

Got new job: my first brickfilm! - Maintheme finished
Posted by jantappe, on 2004-11-15 04:50:58

Music for animation films
Posted by Sevandija, on 2004-11-09 16:04:02

a new composition
Posted by jantappe, on 2004-11-08 04:03:22

Veiwing sound to animate to
Posted by JCLU27Panda, on 2004-11-06 23:54:44

Good Software for sound to picture.
Posted by BluGlu, on 2004-11-05 08:30:37

another composition-sample
Posted by jantappe, on 2004-10-25 04:43:53

Vocal to Midi Convertor
Posted by StopMoWorks, on 2004-10-24 14:38:57

Creative Labs Prodikeys Keyboard
Posted by Eric Scott, on 2004-10-22 17:53:03

X Sheets, Dope Sheets, Lip Synch, Timing.
Posted by greggiez, on 2004-10-19 11:34:47

Music-composer is looking for new jobs
Posted by jantappe, on 2004-10-19 06:24:14

Type of microphone for foley work?
Posted by Strider, on 2004-10-15 21:16:04

Movies with great sound design
Posted by Strider, on 2004-10-12 18:30:11

Posted by urs0nate, on 2004-10-11 08:30:10

sound design
Posted by urs0nate, on 2004-10-11 06:48:46

sound design
Posted by urs0nate, on 2004-10-10 05:56:27

Adding Music
Posted by sammusicgirl, on 2004-10-05 16:52:48

lip sync puppets
Posted by Albert, on 2004-09-03 02:32:44

Music Video...
Posted by whitegoat, on 2004-09-01 15:15:22

animate or record?
Posted by m and j, on 2004-08-30 22:15:21

recording dialog...what do you use?
Posted by Jeff Mahon, on 2004-04-17 19:56:09

recording and animating multiple dialogs...?
Posted by Jeff Mahon, on 2004-03-23 16:59:22

Rough Lip sync
Posted by FlapJackson, on 2004-03-10 18:06:41

Free sound effects downloads
Posted by Strider, on 2003-12-22 09:21:29

Sound effects question
Posted by Jeff Mahon, on 2003-09-07 01:40:07

Mouth movements
Posted by Levi, on 2003-05-26 11:56:03

Posted by snoutmaiden, on 2002-02-27 08:56:22

Posted by Bendo, on 2001-11-05 14:42:52

Music and copyright
Posted by Strider, on 2001-10-10 02:27:41

? -Question - Sound Effects
Posted by Simon Martin, on 2001-06-06 09:15:42

Posted by Jeff K (Guest), on 2001-03-17 14:13:51