Available for pre-order on Amazon, is Ian Steventon’s debut novel, Beneath. I’ve been following Ian’s progress on the book for some time. I find his drive to write this story hugely inspiring. And, I count myself as very fortunate that Ian sent me some excerpts of the novel, as an early look at what he’s doing. What I’ve read so far tells me that Beneath is an intriguing story, well worth immersing yourself in.

Beneath is an urban fantasy novel set against the backdrop of Shropshire. As I understand, this is to be the first in a series of novels. Together, they are called “The Thomas Lightman Chronicles”, so it’s clear that Steventon envisages quite a future for his protagonist.

Having read some excerpts, I feel confident that Ian can deliver on that promise. I feel that the tone of the writing is reminiscent of something Neil Gaiman might pen, though I would not suggest it to be derivative in any way.

The amazon description reads as follows :

“...Beneath is a Modern Urban Fantasy novel set in Shropshire. Tom Lightman returns home after many years away to attend his mother's funeral. He discovers that his whole life has been a lie.What he uncovers beneath the Shropshire countryside changes him forever, as he battles to save his life, his sanity, and the future of everything and everyone he cares for. The world is in danger as dark forces gather to take control…”

The book is available now, for pre-order, on Amazon, for £2.07, and will be released on 30th June 2016. I am very keen to recommend it!

Stay hoopy, Froods!

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