Throughout last week, The Crews aired on STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh. The Crews is a Scottish Miniseries focused on gang bosses, Tommy Granger (played by Robert Harrison) and Mick Turner (played by Jim Sweeney). Granger and Turner, who were once friends, and their underlings, navigate the seedy side of Glasgow’s streets. This series, called “The Dutch Connection” centers around the trafficking of narcotics from the Netherlands to Glasgow. The series opener begins with what I think is one of the most successful and creative introductions I’ve seen on any film or tv series. I never tire of seeing that opener (don’t worry - I’m not posting any spoilers here!).

On the whole, the show has an incredibly energetic feel to it. There is a lot going on; from the reluctant mutual respect that is displayed between the mob bosses, to the shenanigans of their younger supporting compatriots, and the determined, and sometimes dodgy, police detectives. All of this is, of course, imbued with an unmistakable sense of place.

I am very happy to be able to say that as well as having many friends and colleagues who were involved in this Production, I also contributed special visual effects for the series. Also, Robert Harrison and Jim Sweeney have both featured heavily in my own short films. The Crew behind The Crews are well known around Scotland and beyond, and are deserving of much success.

Having finished airing on broadcast TV, The six episode miniseries is now available to stream for free on the STV Player. It should be up for approximately the next 30 days. So, do check it out if you can.

Stay hoopy, Froods!

By, 00000042 on 2016-05-30 11:45:46.
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