For the past week, I have been releasing a sketch of a droidhead each day. Perhaps this would be baffling to some, so I thought I’d take a chance to explain why I’m doing it.

In preparation for drawing the art in my upcoming graphic novel, I’ve been doing many drawing exercises. Some are focused on technique, and others are focused on design. I need to design all of the characters, and I need to master the techniques to draw them well.

The droidheads exercise was to draw very quick sketches of droidheads in fairly rapid succession, making small alterations to each one as I draw it. I decided to draw 100 droidheads, and see how they came out, warts and all.

So, armed with my trusty pencil (SHARPENER!... VITAL!) and a basic uniball black pen, I got started. It took a few days of part-time work to get it done, and my right thumb is still numb as a result! Once I was finished I was fascinated to see the way each droid seemed connected to the previous ones, and how certain features arose and fell away as I progressed through the iterations of design.

This emergent flow of design, I decided, might be something others find interesting too. So, I elected to release 1 of the 100 sketches every day for 100 days.

They are not supposed to be pristine, production-quality, drawings. They are very quick sketches with a focus on variation of design, in the hopes a design or two might be useable for characters in my graphic novel… As it happens, of the 100, several seem like they might have legs (ha!).

I should add that I also have them up on a cafepress shop for those who might like something with one of the droidheads printed on. I hope you enjoy the droidheads as much as I enjoyed sketching them… Despite having numb-thumb syndrome.

By, 00000042 on 2016-06-13 05:43:08.
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