For my birthday in 2014, I was given a really special gift; a one year unlimited subscription to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. It’s hard to put into words how much that meant to me, both as a filmmaker producing my own creature effects, and as a simply avid fan of the work of others.

The Stan Winston School for Character Arts is an online education site, offering crystal clear, logical and not-least informative tutorials on everything from 2D character design, to making a dinosaur from bin-liners, and clay sculpture, mould-making, and casting.

There are, from my estimate, thousands of hours worth of deeply informative material available to subscribers. And, there are subscription options available to meet most people’s budget.

When my subscription started, I binge watched SO much content. But, then it tailed off, as I started to focus specifically on the tutorials which would inform the art I was specifically interested in pursuing.

Whatever your interest in practical creature effects, the Stan Winston School has tutorials to suit your needs. As for the subscription options, I had the unlimited option for a year, and found that I was like a kid in the sweet shop.

Now that I’ve had that experience, I think I will go for one of the other options. To save a bit of money. And, also because I think it will be good to be more selective in what I choose to watch. Seriously, if you are into effects it is simply brilliant entertainment watching a person talking about their work while they are doing it. But, if I had the unlimited option again, I’d find myself getting sidetracked far too easily… It’s that good. So, for me, I’ll take one of those more limited options, just for the sake of practicality.

I cannot recommend the Stan Winston School more. The content up there is so detailed and clear and well described. And, they are constantly adding more and more content all the time. If you are a filmmaker, or simply want an inside look at how the work is done, then the Stan Winston School is for you.

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