In taking on the monumental task of building my production studios in Denmark, I was forced to shelve some projects I’d been producing. One of these was Pursuit. I want to give people a progress report, and offer confirmation that the project has not been abandoned.

Pursuit is a short film which is hugely important to me. It was quite heartbreaking when I had to shelve it. However, I had no other choice, as I needed to jump on the opportunity to build the production Studios I’ve always had in my sights as a massive goal.

Now that the Studio is complete and ready to use, I feel that I can get back to those shelved projects, and put in the effort required to bring them to completion.

As you can see from the photo for this article, the creature is nearing completion. I just have to do a few alterations to the painting, and add some horns and spikes to finish it off and make it ready for animation. Getting the creature puppet finished is a major milestone for the project.

As work progresses I will be reporting on it here at hoopy.news, so do check back regularly for details. In the meantime, I will be getting on with the job of moving the project towards release.

By, 00000042 on 2016-06-13 05:41:08.
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