I am very happy that I’m ready to announce this : I have begun production work on my first full scale graphic novel; Zip Vortex. I first drew Zip Vortex back in 1995-1996. At the time, I created a one-off comic book which I gave away for free. It was only a run of 50 books, and the artwork and writing left a great deal to be desired. That said, the little book meant, and still means, a lot to me. From those early exercises, until today, I’ve been developing Zip’s character, and evolving his story. Now, I have reached a point where I feel I can finally start work on the graphic novel.

I cannot claim to be a phenomenal artist, or writer for that matter. However, my drawing skills have developed massively from those early Zip Vortex comic book days. And, my abilities as a writer have also improved enormously, compared to the clumsy, if amusing, attempts I made in that first book. So, while I don’t claim to be masterful in these amazing art-forms, I feel I can now hold my own in drawing/inking, and after so many years developing it, I think I can certainly write an exciting story that will keep people intrigued throughout.

There is not very much I’d like to divulge at this time, regarding the story.

As work progresses on the book I will post updates here, so please keep checking back for more information. I will probably do a post about the materials I’m using, very soon!

So, let’s get things moving on this exciting project!

By, 00000042 on 2016-06-13 05:40:08.
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