My name is Paul J. McConnochie. I make films and I develop games. In both films and games, I’m what you might consider to be a die-hard Independent. Some people I know have found it difficult to understand why I wouldn’t simply go and work for an established Film Production or Game Development company. They assume that my only interest is in working on something… anything... that has a wide release. However, for me, I see no achievement in that. In fact, for me, that would be quite stifling. Instead, I find it far more fulfilling to build something of my own, from the ground up. No matter how difficult that may be. Something I can be personally proud of. Something that people will recognise as being inherently my own, and by extension, inherently their own.

That is where this website comes in. This is my opportunity to give people an insight into my work, and my working methods. I’m going to use hoopy as a way to show my work, in progress, as it happens. I’m going to write about my graphic novels, my games, and my films. And alongside this I will be talking about interesting events that are taking place in the related industries, of film, games and publishing.

That is not all…

Many of my associates, and friends, are enormously talented. So, this website is an opportunity for them to tell their stories as well. This is a place where we can all be independent, together. Whether you’re interested in the production methodology, or a given person’s approach to the creative arts, this page will give you plenty to consider.

This is hoopy.news : a weekly, online, publication. An issue will be released each Monday, and will consist of several articles covering everything from news about vortex42studios, insight into aspects of the creative industries, and interviews with talented people from around the globe.

Stay hoopy, Froods!

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